Performing Arts Concentration

The concentration in Performing Arts is designed to give students the opportunity to combine their love of performance with the theory and practice of media studies. Majors who choose this concentration will take courses in Communication and Media Studies as well as Music, Theater and Dance. A Media Arts major with a concentration in Performing Arts moves through the following curriculum:

Required Courses | 48 Credits

  • CM 101: Introduction to Media Culture    3 CR
  • CM 102: Introduction to Media Production    3 CR
  • CM 300: Senior Seminar    3 CR
  • CM 397: Senior Project I    3 CR
  • CM 398: Senior Project II    3 CR
  • 3 CM History/Theory    9 CR
  • 3 CM Production Courses    9 CR
  • 2 CM Electives    6 CR

One PA Foundations Course:

  • DA 100: Dance History    3 CR
  • THR 101: Introduction to Theater    3 CR
  • MU 125: Music in the Performing Arts    3 CR

One PA Elective (3 credits total)

  • Dance Classes (ex. ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, musical theater, ballroom) (3 credits each)
  • Music Classes (3 credits)
  • Theater Classes (ex. acting, acting for musical theater, voice for musical theater, stage craft, playwriting, directing) (3 credits)

PA Performance (3 credits total, any combination; may retake each class up to 3x)

  • Vocal Ensemble    1 CR
  • Instrumental Ensemble    1 CR
  • Blackbox Production    1 CR
  • Mainstage Production    1 CR
  • Dance Ensemble Production    1 CR

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Students who pursue the performing arts concentration produce in-depth presentations, performances, and written work in addition to leaving with a capstone project that showcases both their talent and critical thinking ability. Students who move through this concentration will acquire the knowledge and technical skills to pursue careers in the media and arts as they develop a theoretical, aesthetic, and historical understanding of the professional fields. 

Sacred Heart University also offers a Performing Arts minor.