Advisory Board

The Sports Communication and Media advisory board is comprised of a number of sports media professionals from top sports media outlets in Connecticut and New York City.  In addition to offering professional insight on the new program curriculum, SCM advisory board members will also support the graduate program by providing specialized sports media workshops along with internship and job opportunities.

Sports Communication & Media Advisory Board Members

  • Maureen Barend – Associate Director of Transmission, ESPN
  • Alex Bente – Producer/Editor NBC Sports
  • Don Cook – Former Executive Director of Athletics, Sacred Heart University
  • Heather Croteau – Producer/Editor On-Air Promotions, NBC Sports
  • Brian Fitzsimmons – Senior Writer/Web Editor, MSG Varsity
  • Martha Hanzlik – Producer, ESPN
  • Dario Melendez – Studio Anchor, ESPN
  • Andrew Oshan – Writer/Producer, Sports Illustrated
  • Pat Pickens – Editorial Producer,
  • Bill Pidto – Studio Host, MSG Networks
  • Bobby Valentine – Executive Director of Athletics, Sacred Heart University 

From left to right from the 2013 Annual Advisory Board Dinner: Paul Pabst, Dr. Andrew Miller, Heather Croteau, Dr. Lori Bindig, Dario Melendez, Brian Thorne and Bill Pidto