Robert Coloney '12, New York Yankees

Robert ColoneyRobert Coloney, Class of 2012
New York Yankees‎

This year, I was given the opportunity of a lifetime, to intern with the New York Yankees. The internship has since turned into a full-time opportunity, one that I certainly am not taking for granted. Always aspiring to become a sports broadcaster, it was obviously a great experience when I started SHU’s first-ever student-run sports talk show.Seminars, training sessions, and practice were my first line of defense. Before long, I was efficiently tuning our games, every other MLB game, as well as network and cable TV channels seamlessly throughout the stadium. If an issue arose, I handled the call. I distributed daily channel lineups to every executive, including Brian Cashman, Lonn Trost, and Joe Girardi. I was responsible for every TV in the stadium, its function ability, and picture.

During my time in the Bronx, I was also granted several other tasks and opportunities. These included, but were not limited to interviewing players (past & present for scoreboard features), logging games (live) & melts for archival purposes, running audio pre-post-and in-game, generating statistics for use on scoreboards, and for features, DVD dubbing, printing, and creation, and phone call & scoreboard message logging & billing.

As time passed, my knowledge of the system, “my system,” grew. I was the only Yankees employee who knew, and understood the system, and my work spoke for itself. Currently, I am still working with the Yankees. As we get postseason-ready, and my responsibilities rise, I am reminded of how a little hard work went a long way, and possibly, set me up for a life’s dream, achieved.


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