Morgan Mireski, MTV

Morgan Mireski
MTVMorgan Mireski

How did you obtain this internship?
I applied for the internship on line at I got called into NYC for an interview a few weeks later and by the time I got back to Fairfield, I found out I received the internship!

What were your responsibilities throughout the internship?
I was part of the production management team. My responsibilities were booking travel, organizing budgets, understanding and knowing camera equipment, maintaining communication between legal and production staff, and providing tape stock and supplies needed on site.

How did you feel working at such a company?
While working at MTV I never felt as if I was treated as an “intern”. I always felt like I was a part of the team and everyone was very welcoming. I was given a lot of responsibility and learned a great deal not only though experience, but from the people I worked with as well.

What was your most memorable moment?
My most memorable moment would be getting to go on site for all of the shoots that we did, such as Rap Fix Live, Whitney Houston Tribute, and The Hottest MCs. It was a lot of fun to actually be on a set and know that you helped out when you saw it on TV.

Would you potentially want a job at that company?
I definitely would love a job at MTV. My internship ends in a few weeks and I have already applied to a few openings at the company.

Would you recommend this internship?
I would really recommend this internship. It was an awesome learning experience and I always felt as if I was involved with what was going on. Being in the news department made it even more exciting because you never knew what was going to happen so you always had to be on your feet. I also really enjoyed being in the city three times a week, its always an exciting place to be.

How did your experience at SHU help with this internship?
This internship took a lot of what I learned in the classroom  and applied it to real world experience. Often when I was at work I knew what to do because of what I had learned here at school.

Do you have any advice for SHU students looking for internships?
For anyone looking for internships make sure you are doing anything you can to get your foot in the door. Always network and don’t be afraid to ask questions. There are so many different types of internships out there and people looking for interns, all it takes is for you to do the research and apply yourself.


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