Carli-Rae Panny, Fox News Channel University

Carli-Rae Panny, Class of 2010
Fox News Channel University

At the beginning of my internship I worked as the editor of the Fox News Channel University Web site from May until the middle of August. I worked with a team of three other intern reporters and together we managed the FNCU Web site and helped to launch a new internal site for interns only. Each day I would contact the other 150 Fox News interns about ways for them to showcase their work. I edited articles, blogs, vlogs, and news packages and posted them to the site. I also met biweekly with top FNC executives in order to discuss my work and other ways to get the interns involved in creating content for the site. I would have to say one of the highlights of this part of my internship was when I told my supervisor that I wanted to write an article about a tea party that was being held close to my house in NY. Instead of just writing an article they sent me upstate NY with a camera and I got to create a package. I shot the whole thing by myself and worked with an intern editor to make the package, which ended up being featured on Also, I was a guest intern panelist on “Strategy Room,” an online FNC show to talk about being a college student and intern. Another highlight was when my supervisor sent an article that I wrote directly to Roger Ailes. Although she said Ailes never comments on work from interns, he replied to her and said that my article was very well written.

Carli was featured in the Strategy Room and the video can be found here:


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