Matt Libassi '08



Matt Libassi, Class of 2008

Degree: Media Studies

Current Job: Associate Producer, Fox News-In their advertising and promotions department
Shoreham, Long Island, NY

Matt Libassi‌“I was a producer at a local station on Long Island first, and then I moved to Fox News as a Production Assistant. From there I became an associate producer.” 

“I was an intern with Conon O’Brien and I did NBC digital studios, which is all web based.”

“When I was in high school I always did theater and I was always an actor. Then, when I got older, I kind of was like ‘I don’t have Brad Pit good looks,” so I mine as well do something behind the camera or something along the lines of television or film production.”

“SHU really gave us a start to finish kind of background. They gave us the bare bone essentials, the history and theory behind everything, and what to expect once we entered the work field. It was a growth that I was able see when I went into the real world. I was able to say, ‘hey we did that in class’.”

“I would advise students to do internships early. And I know everyone says network, network, network, but as soon as you get an internship, do your best to stay in touch. Just stay in touch with those people because they will help you.”

“We do the on air promos for Fox News and Fox Business. So we strategize to determine what to promote and how. We write and produce. I am lucky enough to work with the Wall Street Journal and some of the other News Cor companies. I do their promos and commercials both for international and national.”