Elizabeth Robertson '08


Elizabeth (Beth) Robertson, Class of 2008
Degree: Media Studies
Current Job: Multimedia Specialist, Bridgewater Assoc., LLP
Cromwell, CT
"My senior year in college I started an internship with a company and really loved what I was doing, so I asked them for a full time job and they hired me as an assistant editor. We did corporate videos, so I got a lot of experience with graphic and working in after effects. I then moved on to the job I have now at Bridgewater Associates."

Elizabeth Robertson"I am responsible for recording every single meeting that takes place. My job is to take the recording and enhance them to be used for training. And when I have time I get to work on Graphics."

"SHU is really good because they encourage you to do internships. And I actually got my first job through the help of upperclassmen. It’s all about making connections and knowing who to talk to about stuff and SHU definitely helped with that."

"Be persistent. Keep letting jobs know that you are really interested and eager to work. It’s important."