Temo Luna-Nevarez, Ph.D.

Temo Luna-Nevarez, Ph.D.

Dr. Luna-Nevarez has been an educator since 1997, both in the U.S. and his native Sonora, Mexico. His professional experience includes working as a programmer, web designer and consultant for a non-profit organization in New Mexico. Dr. Luna-Nevarez joined the John F. Welch College of Business in 2013.

Degrees and Certifications

    • Ph.D. Marketing, and M.B.A., New Mexico State University
    • M.S., Quality Control and Productivity, and B.S. Information Systems Engineering, Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (Monterrey Tech)

Teaching Responsibilities

    Dr. Luna-Nevarez regularly teaches Principles of Marketing, as well as graduate and undergraduate courses in E-marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Marketing Technologies. His teaching philosophy is focused on providing a student-centered learning environment that is collaborative, challenging, and exciting, that empowers students in pursuing learning, and that encourages them to ask questions and discuss topics comfortably and respectfully. Here is what students say:

    “Great class discussions. Creates environment where students feel comfortable speaking up and interacting during lectures. Able to provide a relevant international perspective because he is from Mexico. Projects were interesting and provided good experience.”

    “It was a great course. I learned a lot, and everything I learned I feel I'm able to apply to my everyday life."

    “I really enjoyed how he had us completing course work that dealt with actual companies and had us thinking like marketers. His assignments and examples were always interesting and I was always engaged in class.”

Publications and Presentations

    Dr. Luna-Nevarez’s research interests are focused on consumer behavior in social media and digital environments, as well as consumers’ cognitive and affective responses to marketing communications. His doctoral dissertation investigated the persuasive impact of diverse narrative media in consumer health promotion. His research has been published in Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Consumer Behavior, Journal of Current Issues and Research in Advertising, Journal of Destination Marketing and Management and Evolutionary Psychology.  In addition, he has presented his research at international conferences, including the Association for Consumer Research (ACR), the Society for Consumer Psychology (SCP), the Society for Marketing Advances (SMA) and the Marketing Educators’ Association (MEA).

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