Student Blogs

Students in MK235 Digital Advertising learn hands-on about online marketing communications strategies. Each team sets up a blog and then analyzes traffic to the blog site using Google Analytics and places display ads on the site through Google’s Ad Sense service.

Check out this semester’s student blogs:


Title: Fight For Fit
Description: Dedicated to SHU students who would like to stay fit during busy semesters and need some fitness motivation with both a male and female POV.
Authors: Amanda Pisani and Tucker McNamee





Title: Tristate college movie review
Description: This blog provides succinct and descriptive movie reviews for selections handpicked to appeal to college students in the Tri-state area.
Authors: Alex Stuart and Mitch Stretch






‌Title: Fashion 101
Description: This blog is written by female college students, for female college students. Each post provides a new look for every scenario a typical college lady may encounter.
Authors: Danielle Coveney, Bianca Terilli, Chloe Cassle





Title: Fashion Blog
Description: Fashion Blog provides an all-around look at the latest fashion trends seen in pop culture and ways the average college lady can afford the looks. 
Authors: Bridget Kane and Gianna Colgero





Title: Guns in America
Description: This blog is for gun enthusiasts and people who simply want to stay in the loop with the latest news on gun control laws and general firearm information. 
Authors: David Bauchiero and Tyler Shanley







Title: Cosmetics & Skincare Made Easy
Description: This blog provides weekly updates on the best cosmetics on the shelves today. Jessica and Shannon let you know the right product to use for the right person. 
Authors: Jessica Forni and Shannon Moore





Title: Greek Life 101
Description: Greek Life 101 is a must-read for any SHU student looking to join a fraternity or sorority on campus. It answers all the right questions about the recruitment process and the Greek system in general. Already greek students may learn a thing or two as well. 
Authors: Kristen Sciliano and Micky Amphonedara





Title: All Dolled Up
Description: You can learn a lot about facial cosmetics on the All Dolled Up blog. What’s more is that you can find new natural Do-It-Yourself hair and skin remedies.
Authors: Leanna Rosarbo and Megan Miller





Title: Trocki Kontos Snowboarding Blog
Description: Stephen and Nicholas keep you up-to-date with the latest snowboarding news, events and products on this blog. 
Authors: Stephen Kontos and Nicholas Trocki




Title: Stereo Sound
Description: Whether you’re looking for the latest music or you want to relive some great classics, Stereo Sound keeps you informed about the best music around today.
Authors: Nicole Feoranzo and Rex Rappaport