SHU SIFE is dedicated to helping our community by incorporating business education and the principles of the free enterprise system. By working in the near by economically depressed city of Brigdeport, students get the opportunity to use their classroom experience to gain real life knowledge.

Official SIFE website:

The SIFE Club provides students with another opportunity to engage in experiential learning. Through SIFE, students design and implement business focused community service projects. During the spring, the group creates a presentation summarizing their activities and presents the results at regional and national competitions judged by business executives.

Initiated in 1999, SHU SIFE has already won three regional awards and one national award. Our members range from business majors to political science majors on to Spanish majors. We are a very diverse group and this aids us in being creative and inventive. 

SIFE projects include a feasibility study for a local firm; a marketing campaign for a beverage corporation; working with middle school students on an advertising campaign for local not-for-profits; helping local high school students with job search, resume writing and interviewing skills; and business analysis and planning for local not-for-profits.

For more information or to join, contact:

Richard Pate, Esq.
Assistant Professor of Management
Phone: 203-416-3525