Corporate and Community Partners

Involvement Opportunities for our Corporate and Community Partners

  1. The supply of high quality consulting assignments: Participating organizations supply fully scoped high impact projects and supporting data, which the organization needs resolved but cannot undertake currently. WCOB: Provides a qualified student team deeply grounded in the underpinning business theories, and faculty mentors selected for their expertise in the project area.

  2. Corporate and community partners: Management contact person willing to meet with students throughout the semester as needed (manager/student contact should be at least six times per semester). Meetings may be via audiovisual technology such as Skype, WebEx, etc. WCOB partner: At least one faculty advisor per student team, the problem-based learning lab director and outside subject matter experts.

  3. Subject matter experts (SMEs) or practitioners on consulting projects: SMEs would be required to make themselves available to supervise WCOB students on consulting projects. 

Benefits for the Corporate and Community Partners

  1. A chance for the organization to get high-quality, cost-effective business solutions for business problems through a network of otherwise costly industry experts.

  2. First opportunity to hire from the WCOB PBL program given the organization’s first-hand experience working with WCOB students.

  3. The PBL program allows businesses to focus on their key priorities while outsourcing complex back-office analytics and project work.

  4. An increased profile of the organization within the local community (Fairfield County).

  5. Ensures quality advice from faculty advisors with significant consulting/business experience.

  6. Offers dedicated analytical review on key strategic issues.

How to Become a Corporate Partner

Learn more about the recommended requirements for participation.


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