Fashion Marketing Course Descriptions

MK 240 Fashion Marketing
This introductory course examines the history, evolution, and business of fashion from the 19thcentury to the present. The course examines the marketing of fashion  apparel  from  the development of the product line, to distribution through multiple retail channels, and purchase by targeted consumers. Advertising and promotional strategies also will be examined. Student projects may include analysis of publicly-held apparel or retail corporations, as well as the designing and launching a proprietary apparel line.

MK 350 Fashion Brand Marketing
This course examines the history, development, and processes of brand management in the global fashion industry. A selection of national, designer, private label, store, and corporate brands, including their developmental strategies, will be examined. In addition, this course will examine worldwide brand expansion through vehicles such as licensing and franchising. Through the understanding of important fashion brand elements, students will create a positioning brief and launch a hypothetical fashion brand as a term project.

MK 360 Marketing Integration: Textiles & Fashion
This course examines the processes involved in supply chain management and integration from the sourcing of raw materials to finished apparel. An emphasis is placed on the importance of selecting appropriate fiber, yarn, weaving, knitting, and color penetration systems, as well as on making appropriate decisions concerning aesthetics, cost, care, and wearability in fashion apparel.  Students will work directly with fiber, yarn, color systems, printing, fabric, and finished apparel. Guest lecturers from the fashion industry, as well as visits to yarn sources, textile plants, garment manufacturers and retailers, will be incorporated.