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The rapid growth of the global economy and the increasing influence of technology on marketing, especially in all aspects of advertising and consumer behavior, have driven the development of our marketing programs. The impact of the digital revolution and the migration to integrated, multi-platform marketing and social networking have required a refocus of the marketing major. Marketing professionals now need to have functional marketing skills based on a solid theoretical foundation aligned with the development of specialized skills in new areas such as digital marketing, e-tailing, relationship marketing, and new dimensions of market research (including digital metrics). 

As part of the Welch Experience while taking undergraduate courses, students also have the opportunity to attend timely presentations by key marketing and business professionals and to participate in extracurricular experiential learning opportunities. Internships are widely available and strongly encouraged. 

The Marketing programs are delivered by very experienced, creative, and knowledgeable professors who are active not only in the classroom but also in marketing research, consulting, strategic planning and implementation.  

In the Marketing program at SHU, you will:

  • Understand the historic evolution of the marketing discipline and how marketing has contributed to the political, economic, and legal dimensions of the contemporary global business environment;
  • Identify information needs critical to the practice of marketing management and gain access to relevant resources, evaluate and organize information sources, and integrate new information into the marketing decision-making process;
  • Explain the significance of global markets and the application of the marketing processes to develop global marketing plans;
  • Understand the impact and the opportunities offered by technology in business and develop effective technology related marketing management skills;
  • Develop effective oral and written marketing communication skills and be self-directed, fair-minded, and capable of critical thinking and problem solving;
  • Understand how to effectively and efficiently market services and products to clients and consumers worldwide;
  • Understand the process of ethical decision making and its application in marketing management as well as contribute to enhancing the ethical standards and conduct of marketing professionals;
  • Describe the complex nature of corporate ethics and the social responsibility of organizations in the conduct of marketing activities, as well as the personal responsibility to understand other cultures and negotiate different perspectives;
  • Examine the benefits and consequences of marketing activities on the physical environment and on the lives of others; and
  • Develop the skills necessary to assume multiple roles in a complex international business environment.

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Latest News

Business Students Show Their Entrepreneurial Spirit

April 28, 2016

FAIRFIELD, Conn.—Two Sacred Heart University students are following their dreams and goals of becoming successful business owners. Alan Ksiazek, 21, owns Twin Tides, an online apparel store, and Graham Welter, 20, co-owns Nantucket Buckets, an online hat store. They balance schoolwork, fraternity duties and sports and still make time to manage their businesses. While they’ve both faced legal struggles and manufacturing issues, neither has felt inclined to give up.

HamletHub: The Biggest Names in Entertainment & Sports Marketing in Stamford

September 21, 2015

The AMA Fairfield County has many can't-miss fall events to help you harvest amazing results from your marketing, hear from industry experts and meet fellow Fairfield County marketers. We are excited to be presenting another great event for the community (open to all). Join us on Thursday, September 24th, 6-9:00 PM for a lively panel discussion on the massive expansion of sports and entertainment marketing. Learn how marketers are using celebrity talent to move products and raise awareness. Our panel of experts will look at the topic from various perspectives. You'll hear from Ian Gomar, President of Shaquille O'Neal Consumer Products, Nick Griffith, VP Marketing Americas from Octagon, and Josh Shuart, Chair of the Department of Marketing and Sports Management at Sacred Heart University. Learn how some of the biggest players create fan engagement and build passionate followings.

University Collaboration Recognized by the National Fund for Workforce Solutions

July 17, 2015

FAIRFIELD, Conn. – Sacred Heart University’s partnership with the Stamford Mayor’s Youth Employment Program and Starwood Hotels & Resorts has been recognized by The National Fund for Workforce Solutions for supporting “Young Adult Employer Champions.”