Grace Guo, Ph.D.

Grace Guo, Ph.D.

Associate Professor/MBA Academic Faculty Director

Dr. Guo is a member of the Academy of Management (AoM), International Association for Chinese Management Research (IACRM), Academy of International Business (AIB),  and International Organizations Network (ION). Dr. Guo is currently the Editor-in-Chief of New England Journal of Entrepreneurship

Degrees and Certifications

    • B.A. in English Literature from Sichuan International Studies University in China
    • MBA from Oklahoma State University
    • Ph.D. from the University of Massachusetts Amherst

Teaching Responsibilities

    Dr. Guo’s has taught in the areas of Management, Organizational Behavior and International Management.

Research Interests & Grants

    Her major research interests include cross-cultural management, self-initiated expatriation/repatriation, global careers, talent management, organizational justice, entrepreneurial processes and corporate entrepreneurship.

Publications and Presentations

    Articles Published in Peer-reviewed Academic Journals:  

    • Al Ariss, A. & Guo, C. Understanding job allocations and stratification among expatriates in an ethnically diverse organizational context, International Business Review, forthcoming.  
    • Woodard, M.S., Miller, J. K., Miller, D.J., Silvernail, K., Guo, C. et al. A cross-cultural examination of individual preferences for job and organizational attributes, forthcoming, Journal of Managerial Psychology.  
    • Guo, C. & Miller, J. K. (2015). Meanings and dimensions of organizational justice and fairness in China: An inductive investigation, Management and Organization Review, special issue on “Behavioral ethics, organizational justice, and social responsibility across contexts”, 11(1), 45-68.  
    • Guo, C. & Al Ariss A. (2015). Human resource management of international migrants: Current theories and future research, The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 26(10), 1287-1297.  
    • Guo, C., Jiang, C., and Yang, Q. (2014). "The Development of Organizational Capabilities and Corporate Entrepreneurial Processes: The Case of Chinese automobile Firms", Thunderbird International Business Review, 56(6), 483-500.  
    • Gupta, V. K., Guo, C., Canever, M., Yim, H. R., Sraw, G. K., and Liu, M. (2014). Institutional environment for entrepreneurship in rapidly emerging major economies: the case of Brazil, China, India and Korea. International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal, 10(2), 367-384.  
    • Lawter, L., Rua, T. and Guo, C. (2014). Can ethics be taught? Learning styles and ethics education, Journal of Management Development, 33(6), 580-593.  
    • Guo, C., Porschitz, E. T., Alves, J. (2013). Exploring career agency during self-initiated repatriation: A study of Chinese sea-turtles, Career Development International, 18 (1), 34 – 55.  
    • Guo, C., & Miller, J. K. (2012). Understanding Survivors’ Reactions to Downsizing in China, Journal of Managerial Psychology, 27(1), 27-47.  
    • Jiang, C. X., Zimmerman, M. A. & Guo, C. (2012). Growth of women-owned businesses: The effects of intangible resources and social competence, Journal of Business Diversity, 12(1).  
    • Guo, C. & Miller, J. K. (2010). Guanxi Dynamics and Entrepreneurial Firm Creation and Development in China. Management and Organization Review, 6(2), 267-291.
      • Recipient of 2012 the Wiley Blackwell Management and Organization Review Young Scholar Award
      • Reprinted in 2012 Research In Emerging Economy Contexts, a virtual issue of Selected papers. Edited by Will Mitchell, Co-Editor, Strategic Management Journal and Anne S. Tsui, Editor-in-Chief, Management and Organization Review.  
    • Guo, C., Ruane, S. G., Galli-Debicella, A., Nguyen, P. A., & Manz, C. C. (2008). Dynamic leadership: Toolbox for the value-based entrepreneurship. The Journal of Values Based Leadership, 1(2): 26-40. 


    Best Paper Proceedings:  

    • Guo, C. & Giacobbe-Miller, J. K. (2009) Organizational justice and fairness in China: an inductive analysis of the meaning and dimensions. Best Paper Proceedings of the 2009 Academy of Management Annual Conference, Chicago, IL.
      • 2009 AoM IM Division Best Paper Award in OB/HRM/OT;
      • 2009 AoM IM Division Samsung Best Paper Award Finalist  


    Case Study with Teaching Notes:  

    • Roberto, M., Guo, C., & Jiang, C. X. (2011). Chang'an Automobile and the Chinese Automotive Industry, Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies, 1(4), 1-17.

    Book Chapters:  

    • Giacobbe-Miller, J.K. & Guo, C. (2013). Recruitment: International cross cultural perspective, book chapter in The Oxford Handbook of Recruitment, edited by D. Cable and T. Yu.. Oxford University Press, New York, pp.402-422.  
    • Porschitz, E., Guo, C. & Alves, J., (2013). The “Paths” and “Ladders” of “Sea Turtles:” How Do Young Chinese Returnees Understand Their Careers? Book chapter in Managing the New Workforce: International Perspectives on the Millennial Generation, edited by E. Ng, S. Lyons, and L. Schweitzer, E. Elgar, pp. 86-106.  
    • Lawter, L., Guo, C. &Rua, T. (2011). The disconnect between business ethics education and putting it into practice: How do we fix it? In Effectively Integrating Ethical Dimensions into Business Education edited by A. Stachowicz-Stanusch and C. Wankel, Information Age Publishing, Charlotte, North Carolina, pp. 233-251. 



    • Guo, C. (2014). Cultural convergence, divergence, crossvergence, monograph in Volume 6 International Management of The Wiley Encyclopedia of Management, edited by Vodosek, M., Hartog, D. N. D., & McNett, J. M., Wiley, pp.92-93.  

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Grace Guo, Ph.D.

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