What Students Are Saying

‎How do freshmen know what to do, where to go, and how to get started in the Welch College of Business?

On the first night of the semester, we hold a banquet for freshmen in the Welch College of Business. At this banquet, freshmen meet their Welch Mentors—juniors in the College of Business who guide freshmen through their first year.

>> Listen to Olivia Kiraly talk about being a Welch Mentor.

Lots of business programs bring in guest speakers, what makes yours so different?

Our speakers not only represent unique and varied applications of a business degree, but each speaker we invite also has internships available to interested students.

When Mark Burford, Founder and head Brewmaster at Blue Point Brewery spoke on campus, Ben Pryzby, a junior Marketing major, was interested in Mark’s insight to Entrepreneurism. Ben asked him if he was willing to go grab a bite to eat after the presentation.

>> Find out what happened...

Why is Golf such a big part of the Welch Experience?

Whether the adage of "more business being done on the golf course than in the board room" is true or not, here’s what is true: knowing the game of golf will help you network with people at work, and that is important.

Imagine your boss says, "We have a foursome going out on Saturday. It’s me, our CEO, and our top client. Can you be the fourth?” Every student in the Welch College of Business will be prepared to say, "YES."

>> ‎Watch the video to see how our golf lessons helped senior Bertony Jean-Louis get face time at KPMG.

How will participating in Welch Experience events help a student?

In more ways than I can list! It’s all about networking!

I’ll let the students answer this one.

Hear senior Marc Bitterman explain how networking worked for him. 

>> Hear Michelle Grosodonia talk about how her leadership role in our Pre-Fall program landed her an internship with the Bridgeport Sound Tigers Ice Hockey team.

I heard that you can study abroad without paying tuition for the course. Is that true?

Yes, it is! Employers really value international experience and global awareness. Students in the Welch College of  Business can take advantage of the Welch Waiver, which will cover the tuition for ONE Business course taken during one of the short-term study abroad programs in Ireland, Rome, or Luxembourg.

>> Hear how this helped ‎Jennifer Yee not only while she was abroad, but when she returned as well!

‎‎How do I know the Welch Experience will continue to develop?

Because we involve faculty, alumni, employers, and students in all that we do. The opportunities for these parties to be involved with the planning and implementation of events gives everyone a sense of ownership, and ensures we are targeting the right outcomes.

>> Katherine Slaughter sums it up nicely