Anyone looking to climb Mount Everest doesn’t do it alone, they find a Sherpa—a person who has already been to the top and can guide them through tough obstacles.

College is no different. Each Freshman interested in the Welch College of Business is given a guide—A Welch Mentor. Our Welch Mentors:

  1. Meet their freshman mentees at the freshman banquet on the second night of class
  2. Exchange contact information and set up a Facebook group in order to communicate
  3. Take freshmen to upper-level business courses to show them what classes are like within their majors of interest
  4. Take freshmen to The Career Development and Placement Center so they can start the process of developing resumes, interviewing, and searching for internship opportunities
  5. Take freshmen to Welch Experience events designed to develop knowledge, skills, abilities, and a professional network in the business world.

If you are a current freshman in the Welch College of Business who did not attend the welcome banquet and you would like a Welch Mentor, please E-mail Douglas Ouimette, Assistant Director for the Student Experience.

If you are a current student in the Welch College of Business and you would like to become a Welch Mentor, please open the two documents below for a job description and an application for Welch mentors for the 2014-2015 academic year.