MBA Degree Requirements

36 credits

A total of 36 credit hours of graduate coursework and a minimum GPA of 3.0 are necessary for completion of the Welch MBA program for candidates who are waived from the foundational coursework. Those who are not waived will need up to six additional credit hours of foundational coursework.

Foundation Courses

Must be taken unless waived (see Course Waiver Policy)

  • WGB 518 Introduction to Business Statistics     3 CR
  • WGB 519 Business Economics    3 CR
  • WGB 521 Fundamentals of Management     3 CR

Planning & Assessment

Must be taken as first course in the program (but after Foundations courses if required)

  • WGB 600 Professional Planning     2 CR

Breadth: Quantitative Competencies

Students without these competencies must take the courses before the Core. Students with strong quantitative competencies may substitute two approved AC, EC or FN electives and take at any time during the program.

  • WGB 602 Finance and Managerial Accounting    3 CR
  • WGB 603 Corporate Financial Management     3 CR

Breadth: Leadership Competencies

Both courses are required. Students may take at any point in their program, before the capstone.

  • WGB 612 Leading and Influencing with Integrity     3 CR
  • WGB 614 Social and Legal Responsibilities in Business     3 CR

Integrated Core

Must be taken in sequence.

  • WGB 640 Dynamic Business Management I     5 CR
  • WGB 641 Dynamic Business Management II     5 CR


A minimum of 9 credits (see catalog for descriptions)


Should be taken as one of the last two courses in the students' program of study, and after students have successfully completed the breadth and integrated core courses and completed their action learning project.

  • WGB 691 Welch Competency Demonstration and Implementation     3 CR