Center for Non-Profit Organizations

The Center for Non-Profit Organizations is a recognized entity established by Sacred Heart University within the John F. Welch College of Business to provide business assistance to qualified groups at no cost.  
Through the application of the skills developed during their studies at SHU, teams of students, under the guidance of an experienced advisor, address nonprofit organization's business issues central to the client's longer-term viability and effectiveness. In doing so, our students provide a valuable service while being exposed to “realities of life” which transcend the formal academic environment.

It should be emphasized that the mission of the Center is directly aligned with, and in support of, key elements of the mission of Sacred Heart University:

"The Center for Not-for-Profit Organizations provides Sacred Heart University students with opportunities to apply their experience, knowledge and skills while serving the greater needs of the community.  We do these things so the Not-for-Profits better fulfill their missions.  The Center's services include the development and implementation of strategic business and marketing plans that help the Not-for-Profits meet their goals and objectives.  In doing so, the Center is an expression of the broader mission of Sacred Heart University - - to help prepare students to learn from, live in and make their contributions to the human community."

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Stephen M. Brown
Professor of Management