Workshops & Prep Sessions

Connecticut Administrator Test Prep

The Connecticut Administrator Test Prep is limited to Sacred Heart University students and Alumni of SHU.

All Candidates will take a full CAT practice exam during the review session. All candidates must bring a laptop to the review session and will be required to submit their test response at the end of the session. Additional CAT review materials will be available following the initial CAT review session.

There are two CAT Prep Seminars offered: Instructional Analysis and School Improvement. The fee for the seminar is $35.

  • Instructional Analysis is offered to candidates who have successfully completed EDL 635, Teacher Supervision, Evaluation and Staff Development.
  • School Improvement is for candidates who have successfully completed EDL 655 or 654, EDL 605 and EDL 626.

West Campus Test Preparation Sessions

Next Session: TBA

Inquiries regarding Connecticut Administrator Test Prep at West Campus, contact Daria Corey.

Griswold Test Preparation Sessions

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Inquiries regarding Test Prep sessions in Griswold, contact Karen Christensen.

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Foundations of Reading Test Prep

Date: May 5, 2018

Time: 9AM – 3PM

Location: Student Success Center (5060 Park Avenue - on the corner of St. Nicholas and Park Avenue)

Materials: Bring a copy of the sample CT Foundations of Reading Test


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