Welcome from the Dean

Thomas ForgetLet me begin with a thank you.  I commend you for your interest in education, a most important calling.  The desire to instruct our next generation and help them develop and grow into contributing members of society is a generous and meaningful aspiration.  I am delighted to welcome you.

Help us achieve our mission of preparing highly qualified, deeply dedicated, and joyful educators.  Whichever program at the Farrington College you pursue: teacher education, literacy, or school and district leadership, you will find companionable fellow students, helpful and responsive staff, and challenging and supportive faculty.  Your learning and professional growth are our purpose.  Your continued development as an educator is our central objective.

During your studies here, you will work with our superb partners in schools and districts throughout the state.  Our cooperating teachers, University supervisors, and administrative internship mentors are all seasoned professionals excited to be welcoming you to their aspect of the profession.  Very many of them are our own alumni, who are working throughout the educational sector in Connecticut and neighboring states.

Whether you are a person just beginning study as an aspirant teacher, one seeking further expertise in literacy or building and district leadership; whether you plan to study at SHU’s main Fairfield campus or join us at the Griswold site; become a member of our distinctive community of practice and exploration.  We are eager to assist you to develop your calling as an educator.  Come visit, meet the faculty, feel the energy, take your next step in contribution and success.

Thomas Forget, Ph.D.
Interim Dean