Elementary Certification Course Requirements

Candidates admitted to the Elementary School Certification Program must complete the courses listed below. Each course in the program is identified by its undergraduate course number (UG No.)* and its graduate course number (GR No.). The courses are grouped in sequentially-ordered blocks and reflect the competencies of the Connecticut Common Core of Teaching (CCCT) as well as national standards for elementary education in the curriculum, methods, and student teaching teaching courses. It is recommended that candidates progress sequentially through the program, completing the courses and field experiences in a block before enrolling in courses scheduled in the next block.

*Undergraduate courses are only offered to Sacred Heart University students enrolled in the 5 Year program

UG No.

    GR No.


Block I    (9 Credits)

ED 101

     ED 553 

     Educational Psychology

ED 152

     ED 552

     Education in the United States

ED 271

     ED 578

     Educational Technology (or an advanced computer technology course)




ED 207

     ED 566

     Classroom Management

Block II    (12 Credits)

ED 205

     ED 569

     Education of Special Needs Students

ED 229

     ED 523

     Multicultural Education


     ED 430

     Elementary Curriculum & Methods: Social Studies & Health *

ED 271

     ED 578 

     Educational Technology (or an advanced computer technology course)




ED 207

     ED 566  

     Classroom Management

Block III    (9 Credits)

ED 387

     EDR 560

     Children's Literature


     ED 413

     Elementary Curriculum & Methods: Reading, Writing & Language Arts *


     ED 459

     Elementary Curriculum & Methods: Mathematics & Science *

Student Teaching   (6 Credits)


     ED 491

     Student Teaching Seminar: Elementary School *

General and Course Requirements along with the College of Education policies and interpretations of certification regulations are subject to change.

*Credits not applicable to MAT degree

Note: Candidates must complete the courses in their program with an average grade of "B" or better.