Degree Requirements

Category I: Foundations | 3 CR

______ED 501   Role of the Teacher
______ED 523   Multicultural Education (completed as elem. or sec. cert. requirement)
______ED 600   Characteristics of Effective Schools

Category II: Expressive/Receptive Communications | 6 CR

______ED 565/6    Classroom Management (completed as elem. or sec. cert. requirement)
______ED 578       Educational Technology (completed as elem. or sec. cert. requirement)
______EDR 520     Methods of Teaching and Evaluating Writing Process
______EDR 525     Methods and Materials for Teaching Second Language Learners

Category III: Seminar/Electives | 6-9 CR

Seminar (Select one Seminar)
______ ______         ______________________________

Elective (Previously certified teachers select one elective, all other candidates select two electives)
______ ED 627      Societal Issues in Adolescence (completed as sec. cert. requirement)
______ ED 681      Human Growth and Development (maybe completed as elem. cert. general requirement)
______ ______         ______________________________
______ _____         ___________________________

Category IV: Concentration | 12 CR

Elementary/ Secondary Certification

______ Completed as a graduate elementary or secondary certification candidate

Educational Technology 

______ED 578   Education Technologies
______ED 592   Technology and Creativity
______ED ________________________________
______ED ________________________________


______EDR 505   Early Reading and Language Arts Success (PK-3) (prerequisite ED 413)
______EDR 507   Developmental Reading and Language Arts (4-6) (prerequisite ED 413)
______EDR 510   Content Area Reading Instruction  (previously: ED 510)

Professional Development 


Category V: Culminating Requirement | 3-6 CR

For previously certified teachers | 6 CR

______ED 573   Professional Development Phase I (required for previously certified candidates 3cr)
______ED 574   Professional Development Phase II(prerequisite ED573)

For MAT only and MAT plus certification | 3 CR

______ED 590   Master’s Project (individual Assignment)
______ED 642   Special Project in Education Technology
______ED 657 or 658   Reflective Practitioner: Elementary/Secondary

Category VI: Seminar/Electives | 9 CR

Secondary Candidates: Select 1 seminar and 1 elective
Elementary Candidates: Select 1 seminar and 2 electives OR General Requirement of ED 681 and 1 elective
MAT only candidates: Select 1 seminar and 2 electives 


ED 568    Education of the Gifted   
ED 570    Emerging Technologies             
ED 571    Storytelling                            
ED 609    Multiple Intelligences       
ED 686    Robotics
ED 690    Nurturing the Imagination of the Teacher
EDR 580  Seminar in Reading Interventions
EDR 565  Seminar in Poetry
EDR 552  Language Arts Practicum
ED 599    Education Seminar: _______________________

Elective Options

ED 517  Learning Stations in the Elementary Classroom
ED 527   Distance Learning:  Methods of Instructional Design
ED 557   Human Computer Interaction for Educators
ED 562   Computer Art & Desktop Publishing
ED 568   Education of the Gifted
ED 570   Emerging Technologies
ED 592   Technology & Creativity
ED 627   Societal Issues in Adolescence
ED 642   Special Projects in Education Technology
ED 661   Multimedia Design and Programming for Educators
ED 663   Instructional Software and Instruments in Education
ED 681   Human Growth and Development
ED 686   Robotics
ED 689   WWW: Curriculum and Instruction P-12
EDR 538  Process Writing K-12
EDR 520  Methods of Teaching and Evaluating Writing Process
EDR 525  Methods and Materials for Teaching Second Language Learners
EDR 560  Children’s Literature (previously: ED 515)
EDR 562  Middle School Literature
EDR 564  Adolescent Literature (previously: ED 505)
EDR 580  Reading Intervention
EDR 620  Utilizing Technology in Reading Instruction (Smartboard)