International Studies

The Farrington College of Education offers two opportunities to explore education in international contexts.  Activities in Ireland and Costa Rica include interviews with peers in teacher preparation programs, visits to primary and secondary schools, tutoring, and practice teaching, in addition to exploring cultural sites.  

We offer a winter intensive program in Dingle, Ireland (December 27, 2014 – January 10, 2015) and a summer program in Cartago, Costa Rica (May 18 - June 21, 2015).  Whether you are currently enrolled in an educator preparation program or just interested in experiencing Costa Rican or Irish culture—all students are welcome!

Dingle, Ireland

The Dingle Peninsula has been described as “the most beautiful place on earth” and winters there are surprisingly mild. Accommodations are modern 2 or 3 bedroom cottages within a short walking distance to the classroom building. Students enroll in one course, ED 341/541 “Irish and American Education in Comparative Perspective.”

Students will be introduced to the students and teachers of Dingle, Ireland and experience the Irish education system up-close and personal. You will observe classrooms in action, learn from Irish teachers and administrators, and meet teacher candidates and their professors.  Open to all students in FCE teacher preparation programs, the course counts in lieu of Education in the United States or it serves as an MAT elective. 

For more information on program in Dingle, Ireland, contact Prof. Mike Giarratano, or 203-365-4707. 

Cartago, Costa Rica

Cartago, Costa Rica is a small, historic city nestled in a central province known for its ecological diversity and nearby mountain ranges.  Students take their classes at the Costa Rica Institute of Technology and stay with families who live nearby. Students enroll in two courses: Spanish 101/102 and ED 301/603. The Spanish course is customized for educators and stresses vocabulary necessary for the classroom.  Development of Spanish linguistic skills will be supplemented through real life events and interactions with locals. 

ED 301/603 “Exploring Teaching in Costa Rica” provides an introduction to teaching in Costa Rica through active involvement in elementary and secondary bilingual classrooms. Participants will engage in hands-on activities in classrooms under the supervision of a master teacher. Activities will include teaching assistance, tutoring, student group work and leading school projects based on personal talents and content area.  Participants will reflect upon the implications of teaching and learning in a multicultural and multilingual environment.  Open to all students in FCE teacher preparation programs, ED 301/603 counts in lieu of Multicultural Education or it serves as an MAT elective.

For more information on the program in Cartago, Costa Rica, contact Prof. Maria Lizano-DiMare, or 203-396-8367.