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Intermediate Administrative Certification

Intermediate Administrative Certification (092) is required for any school administrative position ranging from Department Chair and Assistant Principal to Assistant Superintendent of Schools.

The 092 program is an 18 credit planned program. Candidates for this license must also pass the Connecticut Administrator Test (CAT).

Admission Requirements
Sacred Heart University offers two distinct delivery systems for completing your 092 Administrative Certification:  a traditional part-time evening program and a weekend-based cohort program.  Both programs offer the same classes toward completion of the 092 Certificate.  Admission to the traditional evening program is conducted on a rolling basis throughout the year, while admission to the weekend program is offered for in the Fall term only.

Required Courses |18 credits

Psychological Foundations   (3 credits)
EDL 626 Assessment & Evaluation: Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis    
(or another appropriate course approved by the advisor)

Contemporary Education Problems   (3 credits)
EDL 654 Leadership & Administrative Policy: Contemporary Educational Problems     
EDL 655 Distinguished Lectures in Education    
(or another appropriate course approved by the advisor)

Curriculum Development   (3 credits)
EDL 605 Advanced Curriculum Development and Program Monitoring    

School Administration   (3 credits)
EDL 650 The Law and Finance in Education    
(or another appropriate course approved by the advisor)

Supervision and Evaluation   (3 credits)
EDL 635 Teacher Supervision, Evaluation, and Staff Development    
(or another appropriate course approved by the advisor)

Administration Internship*   (3 credits)
EDL 696  Administrative Internship I   
* 2 EDL courses prior to enrolling