Certificate Requirements

The Educational Technology Certificate Program consists of courses that are sequenced according to four categories that include Technology Foundations, Core, Integration of Technology, and Electives.

Technology Foundations courses enable participants to master the fundamental skills and competencies for using technology to support teaching, learning, and classroom management. Methods for integrating technology into the PreK-12 content areas are emphasized. A required 3 hour Field Experience enables individuals to interview a practicing educator and reflect on the ways that digital tools and resources are currently being used to address the diverse needs of all learners, specifically those from diverse cultures, characteristics, abilities and socio-economic backgrounds.

Through a Core course, participants design and develop instructional materials that are based on current best practices in the area of teaching and learning with technology. Methods for identifying and using technological resources that meet the needs of students with diverse backgrounds, learning styles, and abilities are emphasized. A required 3 hour Field Experience is an integral part of this course.

Note: All candidates seeking initial teacher certification are required to complete a minimum of one 3-credit Technology Foundations or Core course.

Courses in the category of Integration of Technology prepare participants to use technology for developing students' higher order thinking skills and creativity. Methods for managing student learning activities in a technology-enhanced environment are included.

Elective courses provide participants with opportunities to explore a variety of topics related to the use of technology in educational settings or online. Course selection is based on personal interest and includes areas such as emerging technologies, online learning, robotics, instructional design, research, and others.

Technology Foundations (Prerequisite*)

  • ED 578 Educational Technology   3 CR


  • ED 592 Advanced PC Applications in Education: P–12   3 CR

Integration of Technology (select one or two)

  • ED 562 Computer Art & Desktop Publishing   3 CR
  • ED 599 Emerging Technologies   3 CR
  • ED 663 Instructional Software & Instruments in Education   3 CR
  • ED 686 Robotics   3 CR  
  • ED 689 WWW: Curriculum & Instruction P–12   3 CR

Electives (select one)

  • ED 527 Distance Learning: Methods of Instructional Design   3 CR
  • ED 557 Human-Computer Interaction for Educators   3 CR
  • ED 642 Special Projects in Educational Technology   3 CR
  • ED 661 Multimedia Design & Programming for Educators   3 CR

**Certificate prerequisite may be waived based on applicant's prior experience, a demonstration of Initial Benchmark Technology Skills and/or portfolio review. See the Initial EdTech Benchmarks for additional information.

Undergraduate SHU Five Year Students transitioning to the Graduate MAT Program may use the undergraduate course ED 271 Intro to Computers as a program prerequisite.