Student Testimonials

“The best part about this program has been forming a tight-knight cohort and being able to go through the entire experience together as a group.” Samantha Szygiel

“I have learned strategies and instructional techniques that are good practice for ALL children.” Shana Halsey

“Professors are always available for a conference, ready to assist students, and easy to talk to about educational K-12 topics.” Shaun Johnson

“It taught me differentiation, important vocabulary, current laws, test administration and advocacy." Meredith Alvarez

“The top 3 things I’ve learned in this program are the necessary content knowledge to be a special educator, the effective application and use of data-based decision making, and how to reach all students more effectively as learners.” Adam Horvath

“Apply! Don’t think about it. Just do it. This program has given me all the legal know how about Special Education and this, in turn, will make me a valuable addition to any staff." Michele King-Vasquez