Vision of Horizons at SHU

Horizons was founded to address the academic achievement gap that exists between children from struggling and underserved communities and their more affluent peers in a state that has the worse achievement gap in the nation. Horizons at SHU serves children from the Bridgeport public and parochial schools. Horizons at Sacred Heart will develop highly educated and talented young people who will become positive contributing citizens of society.

The Horizons at SHU program includes:

  • Rigorous, hands-on instruction in literacy and math that will help prevent the students from experiencing the "summer slide" and allow them to be academically challenged so that they remain on or above grade level.

  • A high-quality arts program featuring instruction in instrumental music, vocal music, movement, and visual arts that will provide our children with skills and talents that will enable them to, one day, move beyond the walls of their communities and make positive contributions to the greater society.

  • A strong physical education program focusing on health and fitness so that our children remain physically fit, active, and committed to healthy lifestyle as they grown.

  • A robust swimming instruction program, which is a central component of the Horizons National model.