How You Can Help

Give to SHU Horizons Enrichment Program‌Horizons at Sacred Heart University is an affiliate of Horizons National, an organization which provides academic and enrichment support to underserved youth in urban areas.  Our mission is to provide a transforming educational experience while closing the academic achievement gap for underperforming, low income students in Bridgeport, CT. Research indicates that the majority of students experiencing the achievement gap will read below grade level and less than 60% will graduate from high school. With your support our students can be on a different and productive path.
The Horizons Program at Sacred Heart is committed to keeping children academically and socially engaged during the summer and throughout the school year. With the support of talented teachers, our students develop self-confidence and begin to embrace a more expansive view of what is possible, including attending college.
Our Program Highlights Include:
  • Creative Arts: Developing talent and confidence through music, dance and performance.
  • Academics: Providing literacy and math instruction with a 4 to 1 student teacher ratio.
  • Recreation: Learning how to swim, martial arts and gardening.
In all activities, our students learn respect for others and experience the excitement of being on a college campus with caring adults including SHU students, faculty and the President.
We recruit children from low income families from Bridgeport public and parochial schools, with emphasis on finding students who are reading below grade level. This coming summer we will add another class of 16 students who have just completed kindergarten to bring our total enrollment to 81 (K-4th grade) students. Our goal is to add a class of 16 students every year through high school until we have classes in grades K-12.
Please join us as we work to ensure that our children will have greater opportunities in their lives. Together we can inspire minds, transform lives and build a better community. Your gift makes the promise for a better life possible for our children.