Griswold Campus

Gives Education Grad Students an Inside Look at Learning

For 27-year-old Megan Fuchs, who’s just completed her CT Teacher Certification in Spanish and is only one class away from her Master’s, her experiences at Sacred Heart’s Griswold Graduate Campus in eastern Connecticut have been “invaluable,” personally and professionally.

Megan’s experience is not unique. Most graduates of SHU-Griswold feel that the campus’ “Learning Lab” model makes a real difference. Through a special partnership with Griswold Public Schools, the campus shares facilities and resources with an impressive on-site Elementary, Middle and High School complex. “Professors teach in actual public school classrooms, so when they talk about best practices and give instruction, we can look around the room and imagine ourselves doing it,” says Fuchs.

Through the Griswold Campus’s widely- acclaimed Graduate Internship Program, aspiring teachers are able to complete both CT Teacher Certification and the Master’s in just over a year, at almost no cost to the student.  To gain valuable “real world” experience, Graduate Interns work full-time in an area school for the academic year, taking courses in the evening. Their hosting school district covers the cost of tuition for 36 credits (usually adequate to cover all certification and most master’s coursework). Following completion of their coursework, as Fuchs noted, they teach in a public school under the direction of a mentor teacher and finalize their certification. By that point, graduates are professionally credentialed, fully confident and anxious to take on the important work of educating young people.

For over 25 years, Sacred Heart-Griswold has prepared many of eastern Connecticut’s finest teachers and school administrators and maintains close ties to area school districts. The Faculty at the Griswold Campus is comprised of both full-time professors and area superintendents, principals and master teachers, all of whom are keenly aware of what is happening in today’s schools.  Consequently, the focus is on applied learning and on giving candidates the “real world” opportunities they need to become effective educators.
In fact, a number of graduates who have earned their Certification and/or Master’s degrees “pay it forward” by becoming mentors to SHU’s young, aspiring teachers. Many graduates like Megan return later in their careers to become principals or district administrators, earning their CT Intermediate Administrator (092) Certification and Sixth Year Degree in Educational Administration. 

As Megan Fuchs has learned firsthand, the fact that Sacred Heart-Griswold maintains close working relationships with school districts throughout the region provides graduate students with well established links for field experience, graduate internships, student teaching opportunities and subsequent employment. Like many other SHU-Griswold students, Megan knew that making a difference in the lives of young people mattered to her. She now stands at the threshold of a meaningful career, holding the academic and professional credentials and experience to make that dream a reality. 

Dr. Karen Christensen, Director of Graduate Studies, and the staff at Griswold welcome inquiries and can be easily reached at 860-376-8408. Or email her at For the convenience of candidates, all admission procedures are handled at the Griswold Campus.