Steve Rubin, Ph.D.

Steve Rubin, Ph.D.

Director of Educational Leadership

Dr. Rubin began his professional career as a teacher in NYC working with economically disadvantaged youth. He was one of the organizers of NYC’s Higher Horizons program, one of the first compensatory education programs in the U.S. He was awarded the first Anderson Fellowship in Educational Administration and Leadership and completed his Ph.D. at New York University when he was 24, receiving the Founders’ Day award for highest doctoral scholarship. At the age of 25, he became a principal in New Canaan, CT, the youngest principal in the tri-state area. Subsequently, he was appointed Director of Research and then Assistant Superintendent of Schools. He also completed all course work and examinations for a second Ph.D.

Over the next 20 years, Dr. Rubin’s research in General Systems led to the development of management “tools” that enabled him to create a school that was described by NEWSWEEK as “The School of the Future”. Feature stories of the school were also written in TIME, Educational Leadership, the Kappan, the NEW YORK TIMES and many other publications. The school hosted over 4000 visitors from all over the world. The American Society for Quality Control (publishers of most TQM literature) asked his to write a book about his experiences applying systems theory and design to the solution of educational problems typically found in schools. The book, “Public Schools Should Learn to Ski: A Systems Approach to Education” described some of the “systems and tools” he developed. It was also singled out for notice by the IEEE as the definitive example of how “systems” could be applied to the organization and management of schools.

Sacred Heart University’s Educational Leadership program now recommends more administrative certifications to the state in comparison to all other universities in the state. In addition, candidates also score higher on the Connecticut Administrator Test.

Developed the administrative certification program with the greatest number of certifications compared to all other universities in the state; consulting: (President, Institute for General Systems; Far West Laboratory for Research and Development; Aspen Institute; DeWitt Wallace Foundation; American Association of School Administrators; organizer: Network of Outcome-Based Schools (NO BS).

Degrees and Certifications

    • B.A.-Brooklyn College, 1959
    • M.A.-City University of NY, 1961
    • M.S. Ed., 1962
    • Ph.D. New York University, 1965
    • Ph.D. (abd) University of Hartford, 1972

Teaching Responsibilities

    Administrative Practicum; Assessment and Evaluation; Research and Thesis Seminars; Distinguished Lectures in Education

Publications and Presentations

    Dr. Rubin has written a number of articles and published his research in a number of professional journals. He has also been a consultant to the Far West Laboratory for Research and Development, Harvard Graduate School, the National Center for the Improvement of Learning, the Department of Defense, the DeWitt Wallace Foundation, the Battle Creek Foundation and the Kellogg Foundation and has made many keynote presentations.

    Author: Public Schools Should Learn to Ski: A systems Approach to Education, ASQC; developing an Ed.D program in Educational Leadership

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