Karl Lorenz, Ed.D.

Karl Lorenz, Ed.D.

Prior to his appointment to the Isabelle Farrington College of Education, Dr. Lorenz taught and conducted educational research for eighteen years as a visiting professor in federal universities in the Brazilian states of Bahia and Paraná. He was also the headmaster of an overseas American school in Brazil and the owner and director of a language school. While at SHU, he has continued his research on the history of science education in Brazil. At Sacred Heart University Dr. Lorenz is Director of Teacher Certification Programs, which includes the function of SHU Certification Officer. He is responsible for supporting faculty advisement, creating and maintaining channels of communication among the Connecticut State Department of Education, faculty, students and parents; proposing policies and establishing procedures for the teacher certification programs; maintaining data and generating reports on program completers; representing the Isabelle Farrington College of Education (FCE) at conferences, meetings and community events; attending workshops related to teacher certification; and issuing the institutional recommendation for candidates who complete the teacher preparation and reading specialist programs. Dr. Lorenz is also Director of Student Teaching and is responsible for placing and supervising non-intern student teachers, establishing student teaching policies and procedures; developing and updating student teaching materials, and maintaining contact with district office personnel, principals and cooperating teachers.

Degrees and Certifications

    • 1976   Teachers College, Columbia University, NYC
      Doctor of Education in Science Education
    • 1973   Teachers College, Columbia University, NYC
      Masters of Arts in Science Education
    • 1968   Benedictine University, Lisle, Illinois
      Bachelors of Science in Biology

Teaching Responsibilities

    • ED 491 Student Teaching Seminar: Elementary
    • ED 496 DSAP Seminar I
    • ED 497 DSAP Seminar II
    • EDL 690 Research Seminar
    • EDL 691 Thesis Seminar

Publications and Presentations

    Dr. Lorenz currently is conducting research on the history of science education in Brazil and on the teaching of the “History of Education” in US schools. His research has resulted in publications, in the Portuguese language, that include a book translated as Science, Education and Textbooks in the Nineteenth Century. Natural Science Compendiums of the College Pedro II, published in Brazil. He has also published book chapters and articles in Brazilian educational journals articles, the most recent of which include an exposition on the science-humanities debate in secondary education in nineteenth-century Brazil, an account of the teaching of the “History of Education” in the United States from 1840-1910; and an examination of Educational Historiography in the United States from 1950-2000.

    Dr. Lorenz has presented papers at conferences promoted by the International Standing Conference for the History of Education, the Luzo-Brazilian Congress for the History of Education, the Ibero-American Congress on the History of Latin-American Education, and the Brazilian Society of Historical Research, in venues in France, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Portugal, Argentina, Mexico, Spain and Brazil. He currently is a member of editorial boards of the Federal Universities of Uberlandia and of Rio Grande do Norte, both in Brazil, and of the journal of the Brazilian Society of Historical Research.

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