Faculty & Staff

Director of the Thomas More Honors Program

‌‌Dr. Suzanne Deschênes, Associate Professor of Biology, grew up in Maine and attended the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA, where she participated in the honors program and received an A.B. in Biology.  She earned a PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology from the Univ. of Pennsylvania where she identified and characterized mutations in genes associated with the X-linked forms of severe combined immunodeficiency and Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease.  While a postdoctoral fellow at Oregon Health & Sciences Univ. in Portland, Oregon, Dr. Deschênes studied the molecular genetic effects of mutations in DNA repair genes that are associated with hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer. In 2001, she returned to the East Coast to take a faculty position in the Biology Department at Sacred Heart. She has taught genetics, introductory biology, cancer biology, biotechnology, biology senior seminar, and Common Core and honors courses, and she has enjoyed mentoring students in her research involving DNA repair, and more recently in telomere dynamics in horseshoe crabs. In her capacity as Director of the Thomas More Honors Program, Dr. Deschênes hopes to facilitate the deeper growth and exploration of the intellectual, cultural, social, service and spiritual dimensions of students’ lives, and to encourage honors students to serve as models and leaders of the “well-examined life” on campus.

Director of the Honors Living and Learning Community

Kenneth Knies, Ph.D.Dr. Kenneth Knies, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, was born and raised in New York City, and did his undergraduate work at Brown University. After a year-long stint in the Social and Political Thought program at Sussex University in England, he decided to pursue a doctorate in philosophy, which he received from Stony Brook University in 2010. Before joining the Sacred Heart faculty in 2011, Dr. Knies spent several years between Cologne, Germany and Leuven, Belgium tracking down Edmund Husserl’s philosophy. Courses that he regularly offers include: Introduction to Philosophical Problems; Introduction to Phenomenology; Existentialism; Philosophical Psychology; Philosophy of Knowledge. Dr. Knies’ primary research focus is phenomenology. He is currently working on a book-length study of the relationship between transcendental and historical reflection in Husserl’s Crisis, as well as a shorter study on the nature of presuppositions. He also has interests in ancient philosophy and the differing approaches to transcendental subjectivity in the modern tradition. In addition to his responsibilities as Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Dr. Knies also serves as co-Program Director of the Great Challenges Minor: Scientific Literacy in the 21st Century. As director of the Honors LLC, Dr. Knies looks forward to cultivating an intellectual climate in which students are encouraged to discover new interests and develop their capacity to appreciate, critique and shape our cultural world.

Honors Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Deanna Bradshaw received her B.S. in Business Administration here at Sacred Heart, and is an administrative assistant in the Office of the Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences.  Mrs. Bradshaw has ably and cheerfully provided administrative support since 2008 to the Program and LLC Directors with the keeping of honors records, budgetary needs, mailings, and a host of other duties necessary for the maintenance and growth of the Program. Without Mrs. Bradshaw as an anchor, we’d be adrift in a sea of administrative storms!




The faculty members who teach in the Honors Program represent diverse disciplines in the arts, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and health sciences.  Each semester the slate of honors faculty members and the specific set of honors courses offered vary, depending on curricular and departmental needs.  Some examples of the types of honors courses that we offer appear below.

Faculty Member Department Course
Fall 2014
Thomas Curran History HI-CC101: The Human Journey: Historical Paths to Civilization
Charlotte Gradie History HI-CC101: The Human Journey: Historical Paths to Civilization
Joanne Rochman English EN-CC102: Literary Expressions of the Human Journey
Tuli Chatterji English EN-CC102: Literary Expressions of the Human Journey
Dhia Habboush Chemistry CH-CC103: The Human Community and Science Discovery
Geffrey Stopper Biology BI-CC103: The Human Community and Science Discovery
Deirdre Yeater  Psychology PS-CC103:  The Human Community: The Individual and Society
Christopher Kelly Philosophy, Theology & Religious Studies RS-CC104: The Human Search for Truth, Justice, and the Common Good
Deirdre Yeater Psychology FY-PS125 (First Year Seminar): Comparative Animal Psychology: Are Animals Deep Thinkers?
Andrew Pierce Philosophy, Theology & Religious Studies FY-PH125 (First Year Seminar):  War and Peace:  Violence and Human Nature
Gerald Reid Sociology FY-SO125 (First Year Seminar): The Structure of Social Injustice
Steven Michels Government, Politics & Global Studies FY-PO125 (First Year Seminar):  Talking About Fight Club
Mark Jareb Biology FY-BI125 (First Year Seminar): 
Cara Erdheim English ENG-299:  Disability Discourse
Bronwyn Cross-Denny Social Work SO239 AH/SW224 AH: Diversity & Oppression
Julianna Stockton Mathematics MA280:  History of Mathematics
Michael Amico Psychology PS110: Introduction to Psychology
Annemarie Murphy Psychology PS295:  Health Psychology
Kate O’Gara Government, Politics & Global Studies PO243: Terrorism
Michael Ventimiglia Philosophy, Theology & Religious Studies PH101:  Introduction to Philosophy
Kenneth Knies Philosophy, Theology & Religious Studies PH306:  Existentialism
Anna Greer Exercise Science EX230: Research and Evaluation for Health Professionals