Entering Honors Program Fall 2011 & later:

24 credits total1,2

  • Freshman Honors Seminar  3 CR
  • CC101-CC104, Honors  12 CR
  • 3 Honors Electives  9 CR

Entering Honors Program Fall 2008 – Spring 2011:

24 credits total1

  • Freshman Honors Seminar  3 CR
  • CC101-CC104, Honors  12 CR
  • 2 Honors Electives  6 CR
  • Capstone course  3 CR



  1. Prior to Fall 2011, few majors required capstone courses. To ensure that all honors students would have a capstone experience in their senior year, a 3-credit capstone course was added to the course requirements. Since then, most majors have developed capstone course requirements, so the 3-credit capstone course requirement is now relegated to the major instead of the Honors program. In rare instances where an Honors student undertakes a major without a capstone course requirement, the student will consult an appropriate faculty member for help in developing a capstone experience as a 3-credit independent study.

  2. Students who enter the Honors Program at the start of sophomore year need not take Honors versions of CC101 or 102, but they are required to complete 24-Honors credits, including: honors CC103, honors CC104, five honors electives.