3 credit course in Luxembourg

Analysis of Comparative Health Care Systems: An International Perspective

Graduate students in Nursing and Physical Therapy attend a two-week course each May (NU 599 / T 599 Analysis of Comparative Health Care Systems; an International Perspective).

The course offers:

  • Comparison of characteristics of health care delivery.
  • The study of how societies respond differently to the demands/needs of populations in the US and selected European countries.
  • The perspectives of patients/consumers, health care providers and policy-makers.
  • The exploration of ways in which societal expectations, health care financing, and national priorities influence the delivery system.

Leisure Activities Include:

  • Visits to local hospitals and professional associations
  • Day trip to Trier, Germany
  • Trip to Heidelberg, Germany
  • Boefferding Brewery
  • Cathedrals, monuments and other various cultural and historical sites

This program is administered through the University's Office of Global Affairs:

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