Donate to the Global Health Programs

Imagine never being able to leave your home because you are not able to walk.  Imagine a mother losing her precious first born because she did not receive the proper prenatal care, or losing an older child because of malnutrition.  These images are heartbreaking and in Guatemala a daily reality.
In many developing nations, there is very little available health care and the care that is available is incredibly expensive, with a single doctor’s visit potentially costing an entire week’s pay and medication costing up to a month’s pay. Because of high prices and low availability, most people do not receive adequate care, especially pregnant women, new mothers, infants and children. For example, the infant mortality rate in Guatemala is 27.48%, as opposed to only 6.94% in the United States. The need for adequate, affordable, and available health care in Guatemala is great.
Since 2009, College of Health Professions students have been traveling to places like Guatemala and Jamaica to help those communities receive the basic health care that we in the US sometimes take for granted.   Our purpose is to volunteer our skills and services; and to donate medical supplies, medications, toys and other supplies to the people in the greater Panchoy Valley in the central highlands of Guatemala. The clinics focus on providing free health care to the local populations, as well as providing important teaching about their health so that they can continue to care for themselves even after our teams leave.
Sadly, many people in developing nations do not have the benefit of government help in subsidizing their needs.  They depend on people like us, and you, for help.  As health services professionals, we are compelled in mission and practice to help others in need whenever we can, and we are asking you to do the same by making a gift to our health care missions.  
Your gift in support of our missions will help our College of Health Professions students gain additional real world experience while also helping the people of Guatemala, Jamaica, or Haiti - people who are desperately in need of medical attention. 

Make your gift to our Global Health Programs online at CHP/CON Missions.