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Customized Summer Programs

The Summer ESL Program (Explore. See. Learn.) offers exciting programs of full immersion in English in American Culture. This program is for students of all levels of proficiency to enjoy fun and engaging activities designed to maximize English acquisition. 

Program curricula are customizable for each group. English for Specific purposes is used to accommodate the requirements of the visiting groups. 

Sacred Heart University's beautiful campus is a wonderful environment in which to fully experience the successful learning culture that is essential to all students. 

Located in beautiful Fairfield County in New England, the surrounding cities, towns and countryside offer a wide variety of activities, field trips and excursions that enhance the students learning in a fully immersed environment. 

B-1/B-2 Visitor Visas and Immigration Status

We accept students traveling on a B1/B2 Visitor Visa (students are only allowed to take up to 3 courses or 18 hours per session). DO NOT request an I-20 if you will not be applying for an F1 Visa. If you have questions regarding which Visa to use, please contact Summer Programs.

If your main purpose for being in the country is travel or tourism, you may take a maximum of one course at Sacred Heart University during each summer session. Please note that it is recommended that all students registering to study full-time must do so under the F-1 student status. 

Summer Programs - Fairfield Campus Only

Two-week Program ($1,500 per person - not including accommodation – for group size of 20 or more students – depending on signups): 

Students will participate in ESL classes for 16 hours per week and various guest lectures from the faculty of Sacred Heart University. Shuttles will be provided to transport the group. Several field trips and cultural excursion are planned including the following:

Core Experience: 

  • Sacred Heart TV studio learning experience
  • Visit to Yale New Haven Art Museum
  • Visit to Norwalk Maritime Aquarium
  • Visit to Bridgeport Discovery Museum
  • Visit to beach
  • Tour excursion to downtown Fairfield
  • Tour excursion to Trumbull Shopping Mall
  • Welcome lunch at Sacred Heart University 
  • Service Learning Opportunity 

Additional Options include: 

  • Bridgeport Adventure Park (additional $50 per person)
  • Bridgeport Zoo (additional $35 per person)
  • Lake Compounce Water Park (additional $85 per person)
  • Golf Lesson (additional $15 per person)
  • Bridgeport Planetarium (additional $35 per person)

Accommodation Options: 

Holiday Inn Bridgeport: Please contact the Holiday Inn directly for information on accommodation at 203-334-1234. Please use the code SHU Summer ESL or email lscelfo@hibridgeport.com. Approximate cost for hotel stay is $70 per night. 

HomeStay: Please contact Meena Dadlani, Program Director, World Wide Gold Star Academics at 1-888-472-1918 X 103 or visit www.wwgsa.com (Price is dependent on group size)

Details of Group Visits:

All groups should initially contact the director for a summer group visit. Some details are below relating to the organization of the groups. 

  • Tuition must be paid in advance prior to groups arrival. 
  • Students can attend the summer program using a visitor's visa. 
  • All students must complete an application form and submit details of emergency family member. Emergency Family contact cannot be an agent or school representative.
  • All students must show proof of medical insurance prior to arrival. 
  • All students will be required to take an online ESL placement test prior to their departure. 
  • All groups are legally required to bring one chaperon per group of 12 students. If there are males and females in the group, then there must be one male chaperon and one female chaperon. 
  • The schedule of events will be given to the group upon arrival at the University. The schedule will only be printed one week in advance. 
  • All "Additional options" must be booked prior to groups arrival in the USA. 
  • Food costs are the responsibility of the group. Information regarding the campus cafeteria opening hours will be made available to the groups. Information regarding the surrounding restaurants will also be given to the group. The group will have to keep the SHU chaperon informed of any changes to the schedule.