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Apply Now Button‌Effective Communication and Speaking Class | 15 Week Class

This course will introduce students to the basics of communicating and speaking in both one-on-one situations as well as larger groups. An emphasis will be placed on providing the student with a better understanding of what is customary for effective communicating and conversing in professional, academic and social settings in the United States. By presenting speeches and presentations both in groups and individually, students will learn about the significant role that diction, intonation, emotion and body language play in successfully communicating with others. They will also have an opportunity to assess and compare the differences in communications and speaking from a variety of different cultures.

Fundamentals of Modern Writing | 15 Week Class

Students will be given the necessary tools and skills to help develop into successful and productive writers. This course will provide the students with the basic essentials of effective writing for use in academic and professional environments. A significant emphasis will be placed on the importance of crafting articulate and eloquent emails, essays, and other key forms of correspondence. Each student will work to create a portfolio of work that will help contribute to their continued written success in future endeavors.

Business Writing 15 Week Class

This course will focus on the fundamentals of business English in both written and spoken forms thereby preparing the student to function proficiently in an English-speaking office setting. The writing component will consist of analyzing and applying appropriate formats when writing emails, letters and resumes. The speaking component will focus on those aspects of language use that empower the individual when delivering pitches and presentations. Homework will be assigned and graded with an emphasis on grammatical, lexical and rhetorical accuracy. 

TOEFL Preparation 15 Week Class

This course has four objectives: 1)to provide students with essential TOEFL iBT test-taking strategies; 2) to build student confidence by doing timed in-class practice tests; 3) to develop student proficiency and application of basic written and spoken rhetorical strategies; 4) to provide students with an unofficial TOEFL range score at the end of the course. 






Program Dates






Business Writing

Tuesday & Thursday

6PM - 8PM

Sept 9 - Dec 11


Richard Stirling


Tuesday & Thursday

8PM - 10PM

Sept 9 - Dec 11


Richard Stirling

Effective Communication & Speaking


7PM - 9:30PM

Sept 9 - Dec 9


Jon DeBenedictis

Fundamentals of Modern Writing


4:45PM - 7:15PM

Sept 10 - Dec 10


Jon DeBenedictis