What Students are Saying about the Program

Sam D"I remember getting to my first Common Core class, Literary Expressions of the Human Journey with Dr. Falcetta, she explained the four questions and the program and I was pretty confused about how this affected me and how I would benefit from it. But, when I look back at that class, the history class I took after it and the Psychology component I took last semester, I realize that my ability to think about myself as a human, what it means for me to live a life of meaning and purpose, how I can understand and appreciate the natural world, and how to forge a more just society for the common good, I realize that what I thought would be a classroom only program, had spilled out into my everyday life. After watching The Mission in my Psychology class, I realized that being human goes way beyond just breathing and moving around. After seeing a colloquium about a Catholic Priest dedicating his life to doing Holocaust research in Ukraine, and then spending 5 weeks of my summer working for him in Paris, I understood that a life of meaning and purpose goes way beyond your salary, and how big of a house you have, or how high up the ladder you can climb at a company. But it means living out our calling in life, and serving the world with our God-given gifts. And then, when I was on my freshman retreat on a nature walk, I understood that the natural world is more than just objects coming out of the ground, but a network of plans and blueprints set forth at the beginning of time. And lastly, when I went to El Salvador on a mission trip last Spring Break, and someone in our group asked some workers how they were able to live on 3 dollars a day, and one of the men looked back and said “we’re not living, we’re surviving,” I understood that I have a responsibility to forge a more just society for the common good. You guys will be hit with a lot of information and facts over the next four years. These four questions will be central to your studies, but as I have just told you, they go way beyond the walls of the classroom, and they will stay with you long beyond Graduation day. I wish you all the best of luck, and if you have any questions, please let me know."
~ Sam D. [Media Studies, Class of 2011]

Christina T"The Human Journey Core Curriculum is an amazing program and I am glad to see it flourishing while I am still here! Dr. Magee and I discussed how literature, especially classics (which can seem antiquated to 18 year old students), is so much more meaningful when we can connect it to our own human existence. We also discussed that 18 year olds are the most introspective as they are undergoing so many changes and adjustments themselves. When they can examine Hamlet or Oedipus' journey, they can understand that though the language might be different, the themes are relevant to their own lives. They can then relate to the literature and get so much more out of it, examining the meaning in the text, the lives of the characters, and then their own...It definitely augments the SHU education I so believe in."
~ Christina T. [English, Class of 2009]

Matthew P‌"Before coming to Sacred Heart University I wasn't sure what these questions had to do with me , my life, or others. However, after almost completing my third Core Course and dealing with these four core questions, the classes have opened my eyes and brought me deeper understanding of myself and the world around me.  These Core courses  provide me with ways of thinking about who we are as human beings and the issues in our lives. I have many friends who go to Providence College and I believe that after hearing from them, the four core questions give me a better understanding of myself, of life and of other people."
~ Matthew P. [Criminal Justice, Class of 2011]‌‎

Tiffany C
"The four core questions have opened my eyes to many different ways of thinking from the different subjects. I have a much better grasp of the four core questions from the perspectives of philosophy, psychology, history, and English. The Core has helped me to think in ways I never thought I could." 
~ Tiffany C. [Finance, Class of 2011]

Richard B"I like that there is never a set of right or wrong answers to the Core questions; they just make you think.  I like the class discussions, especially when we can apply what we are reading and discussing to our selves. The four Core questions help us to think about who we are, what we do, and what we need to do in our society."
~ Richard B. [Accounting, Class of 2011]

Kelly B"The Core questions help me to make connections with issues I experience in my own life. The Core questions also allow me to connect central underlying themes and ideas that are presented within each course. The views from the different disciplines are somewhat different; for example, history is different than English, but there are striking similarities that are evident within the issues that the Core questions talk about.  As a student at a Catholic university, the Core questions have helped me to understand myself and discover more about the meaning and purpose of my own life." 
~ Kelly W. [English, Class of 2011]

 "I think that the Common Core Courses are a great way to give students a good understanding of the different perspectives of different subjects and the four Common Core questions tie all the different subjects together. The Core questions are also key in relating the subject matter to myself and to broader issues." 
~ Dana T. [Nursing, Class 2011]

Samantha T"I really enjoy the Common Core classes that we take here at Sacred Heart University. As a Nursing student I feel that these classes expose me to different material outside of my Major that I might not have studied otherwise. The Four Core questions help link everything together and they are universal questions that are important for us to think about."
~ Samantha T. [Nursing, Class 2011]

Emily S

 "We are really lucky to have the opportunity to take this Common Core, The Human Journey. The four Core questions make you think. These are the questions we ask ourselves; they are the questions we need to ask ourselves throughout the rest of our lives."  

~ Emily S. [Psychology, Class 2011]

"Sacred Heart's Common Core is a program that requires its students to think outside the box. As a transfer student from West Virginia University, I experienced this in a strong way. I saw that when I finally opened my mind to the four core questions I was able to get so much more out of my education.  It took time to get used to the idea that the questions have no one particular answer and that every time you read something you discover something new.  Sometimes I was frustrated because I like to see answers, but I realized that when there is no one particular answer you have to think from different perspectives. Discovering this has been very beneficial to me."
~ Andrew B. [Sports Management, Class 2010]

"The Core Courses pose questions in class that reveal things to me about humanity and myself. The questions are universal to all of us. Every time I come into class I learn something new about myself."
~ Cullen B. [Religious Studies, Class 2011]