Calendar of Events

Fall 2015 Colloquia Series

December 1, 2015 | The Timeless Relevance of Dante | 7PM - University Commons
This colloquium will address the continuing relevance of Dante's The Divine Comedy as a text that inspires artistic creations and reflects on significant questions of living lives of meaning and virtue. The faculty presentations are based on papers given at an international conference on core texts held in Amsterdam this past September. Professors June-Ann Greeley (Theology & Religious Studies and Catholic Studies), Nathan Lewis (Art and Design)Joe Nagy (English and Catholic Studies) 

December 2, 2015 | Pediatric Obesity: Prevalence, Management, and Intervention Programs | 2PM - University Commons
Professor Valerie Wherley and students in the EX 399 (Pediatric Obesity) Senior Seminar.

December 4, 2015 | Ivory Tower | 4PM - University Commons
As tuition rates spiral beyond reach and student loan debt passes $1 trillion (more than credit card debt), IVORY TOWER asks: Is college worth the cost? From the halls of Harvard, to public colleges in financial crisis, to Silicon Valley, filmmaker Andrew Rossi assembles an urgent portrait of a great American institution at the breaking point. Dean Jim Carl (Farrington College of Education), Professors June-Ann Greeley (Theology and Religious Studies), Lesley DeNardis (Gov’t Politics & Global Studies) 

December 7, 2015 | Guest Speaker – Enrique Morones | 2PM - University Commons

Special Colloquium

Past Events

September 2, 2015 | New Student Convocation | 2:30PM - William Pitt Center

September 10, 2015 | Wellness Kick-Off | 7PM - Edgerton Theatre
Guest speaker Leah Nelson will tell her story of depression, self-injury, alcohol abuse, suicide and recovery.

September 12, 2015 | Fresh Check Day | 12PM - 2PM - Patio 63’s
Fresh Check Day is the signature program of The Jordan Porco Foundation (JPF). JPF works closely with colleges to plan and fund Fresh Check Day in an effort to bring awareness of mental health resources and coping strategies to college campuses. 

September 13, 2015 | Mass of the Holy Spirit | Chapel

September 16, 2015 | Laudato Si' – New Leadership on Climate Change From Mayors to the Pope | 7PM - Schine Auditorium
Guest Speaker - Dan Esty, Hillhouse Professor at Yale University, former Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection will speak on climate change and the Pope’s Encyclical. Panel includes – Fr. Anthony Ciorra (Mission and Catholic Identity), Lucian Orlowski (Economics), Brian Stiltner (Theology and Religious Studies), Barbara Pierce (Biology)

September 18, 2015 | Constitution Day | 9AM - University Commons
Senator Richard Blumenthal will discuss the centrality of the U.S. Constitution as it applies to our freedom and form of government. Guest Speaker - Senator Richard Blumenthal 

September 23, 2015 | Laudato Si' | 2PM - University Commons
This will be a discussion of Pope Francis’ landmark Encyclical on the environment. Panel includes – Fr. Anthony Ciorra (Mission and Catholic Identity), Lucian Orlowski (Economics), Brian Stiltner (Theology and Religious Studies), Barbara Pierce (Biology) 

September 30, 2015 | Graduate School Workshop | 2PM - 4:45PM - University Commons
Success Strategies for Arts and Sciences Majors (all majors are welcome!) Guest presenters will discuss:  Pre-professional advisement; How to focus on where to apply; Personal statements and other application items; Interview prep and resumes; Admissions exams (GRE, GMAT, LSAT, etc.); How to finance your studies. Presenters:  Michelle Nearon, Associate Dean for Graduate Development and Diversity at Yale University; Ashley R. Dutton, Director of Financial Aid at the University of Saint Joseph; Sylvia DeLavalle, Graduate Programs Manager at Kaplan Test Prep; Nicole Roy, (Biology); Brian Stiltner (Theology and Religious Studies); Rachel Bowman (Psychology); SHU Graduate Admissions representatives 

October 7, 2015 | Many Translations Promoting Interfaith Understanding and Acceptance A Dynamic Interfaith Dialogue | 2PM - University Commons
With the polarized state of the country and the widespread suffering from religious wars and oppressive regime victimization, never has there been a more urgent time to hear a message of tolerance and to explore the Interfaith perspective. Rev. Katherine Silvan, Interfaith minister, seeks to bring light to the dark corners of our familiar beliefs, transform the listener’s perspective on issues of faith-exclusion and diversity and unfold the knot of our collective intolerance of the “other.” Through storytelling, voice-over, research on science and spirit from sacred text to modern blog, Katherine shares the most widely disseminated faith message throughout history – and the hardest to attain:  Love Your Neighbor as Yourself.  “Many Translations” is not a lecture, it’s an experience that is guaranteed thought-provoking and potentially life-changing. Guest Speaker - Katherine Silvan 

October 7, 2015 | #sexatSHU: It doesn’t happen here: How do we talk about sex at a Catholic Institution? | 3:30PM - University Commons
Panel discussion moderated by Professor Brian Stiltner (Theology and Religious Studies) featuring Father David Buckles, Addison Chau and Karen Flanagan, Coordinated by the s.w.e.e.t. peer education program 

October 7, 2015 | After the Fire | 5:30PM - University Commons
In the frigid predawn hours of January 19, 2000, the lives of thousands, maybe even millions, were changed because of a great tragedy on the campus of Seton Hall University.  In Boland Hall, a freshman dormitory on the South Orange, NJ campus, what many students thought was another night of false alarms turned out to be the real thing.  Three freshman students passed away and fifty-eight others were injured.  Among the injured, two roommates, Alvaro Llanos and Shawn Simons, were two of the most severely burned students.  Please join Alvaro and Shawn as they share their story of survival, perseverance, inspiration, hope, courage and friendship with the SHU community. Sponsored by: Department of Public Safety

October 14, 2015 | “Catholic Women Speak” | 2PM - University Commons (Human Journey Colloquium)

October 13 - 15, 2015 | Tina Beattie
Sacred Heart University is honored to have visiting scholar Tina Beattie, Professor of Catholic Studies at University of Roehampton, UK on October 13-15, 2015.  Author of numerous books, Beattie will give three Curtis lectures, and a Human Journey Colloquium. The schedule is as follows:

October 13, 14, 15 | “Sacramental Engenderings: Maternal Theological Reflections on the Context of Pope Francis’ Theology” | 7:30PM - Schine Auditorium (Curtis Lectures)

October 21, 2015 | Change Your Habits to Become a Better Student | 3:30PM - Schine Auditorium
Michael Slaughter is a student-athlete at Sacred Heart University with a near 4.0 GPA. He published the book From Failure to Triumph: Inspiring Stories to Help you Overcome Challenges and Achieve Success. He will explain how the choices we make every day ultimately define our life, and in order to become a better student, you need to improve your habits. He will share two inspiring stories from his book to provide real-life examples of his success principles.

October 22, 2015 | Objective Troy: Scott Shane Award Winning New York Times Reporter | 1:30PM - TBA
New York Times Reporter, Scott Shane, who has covered terrorism for a decade, talks about his new book, which tells the gripping and unsettling story of Anwar al-Awlaki, the once-celebrated American imam who called for moderation after 9/11 but ultimately directed his outsized talents to the mass murder of his fellow citizens. It looks at how Barack Obama came to embrace the targeted killing of suspected militants and to order the drone strike on Awlaki, the first American citizen killed by his own government without trial since the Civil War. Guest Speaker – Scott Shane

October 26, 2015 | #sexatSHU: Everything you always wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask 7PM - Schine Auditorium
An evening for students with practical information on sexual wellness and making proactive, healthy choices.

October 28, 2015 | Zombies, Souls and Fear of the Flesh | 2PM - Martire Theater
"Why do zombies terrify us? Why are we so fascinated by them? In this colloquium, we will discuss that one way to think about why zombies have such enduring appeal is that they are us. They are not aliens or monsters or demons, they do not come from the "beyond"; zombies are us, but robbed of those qualities that we like to believe make us special in the animal kingdom. Zombies are us without thought, love, imagination, art, religion, hope, charity, etc. Zombies fascinate, disgust, and terrify us because we are afraid that maybe, just maybe, that is all we truly are. Maybe humans are just eating, defecating, meat-machines stumbling through the world. Maybe we are just this flesh, and the rest is an illusion. Horrifying." Professors Jesse Bailey (Philosophy) and Gordon Purves (Philosophy) 

October 28, 2015 | Simply Smiles, Inc.: Pioneering a New Approach to Service | 3:30PM - Martire Theater
Guest speaker Bryan Nurnberger, Founder of Simply Smiles, will share the compelling and inspiring story of how Simply Smiles has crafted their "dignity first" approach in the most impoverished regions of Mexico. Co-Sponsored by: Office of Volunteer Programs and Service Learning and Global Studies Program.

November 4, 2015 | PTSD and the Classroom | 2PM - University Commons
An overview will be given of what PTSD is and how it affects a person. We will hear from several veterans and their unique situations in the Marine Corps and how they are overcoming PTSD.  Discussion to follow. Guest Speaker:  Thomas Burke 

November 4, 2015 | The True Cost | 3:30PM - University Commons
The documentary “The True Cost” chronicles the systemic issues that have become evident locally, nationally and globally with the rise of the “fast fashion” culture in the United States, Canada and western Europe:  the film explores the economic, political, social, environmental, ethical and psychological fallout that has occurred with the increased availability of cheap ‘fashion’ amid a ramped-up consumerist culture.  This colloquium will be a discussion about the documentary and the implications if its content as well as a forum for possible remedies of the problems. Professors David Bloom (Marketing), Susan Gannon (Psychology, June-Ann Greeley (Theology and Religious Studies) 

November 11, 2015 | Kristallnacht Commemoration | 2PM - University Commons

November 18, 2015 | The Stanford Prison Experiment and Obedience to Authority: Did Hollywood Get It Right? | 2PM - 3:15PM - University Commons
New feature films on Milgram’s and Zimbardo’s psychology famous experiments give us an opportunity to ask ourselves – Would we give shocks to an innocent person under the orders of an experimenter?  What kind of prison guard would we be? Professors Christina Taylor (Psychology), Ruth Grant (Psychology) and Social Psychology Students 

November 18, 2015 | Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night | 2PM - Edgerton Theatre

November 18, 2015 | Meet Your Meat | 3:30PM - 4:45PM - University Commons
The inefficiencies of industrialized animal farming in America that result in profound animal abuse will be discussed.  Additionally, ethical arguments related to meat consumption will be explored. Professors June-Ann Greeley (Theology and Religious Studies) and Beau Greer (Exercise Science and Nutrition)