Core Curriculum

The Human Journey

What is the core curriculum?

‎Sacred Heart University has developed a core curriculum that is:

  • Fundamental to becoming a knowledgeable and educated person.
  • Foundational to the major and to life-long learning.
  • Essential for personal and professional success in a global and ever changing world.

The core curriculum consists of 3 areas:

  • Foundational Core: courses that develop skills needed for a global world and ever-changing society

  • Common Core: The Human Journey is academically rigorous, distinct, enduring, and is Sacred Heart University's academic signature.  It culminates with a capstone course which focuses on the practice of ethical thinking and moral decision making, shaping the values that one would expect to be taught at the best liberal arts college

  • Elective Core: courses that develop knowledge needed for the major and for life-long learning

What are students saying about the core?

"The Core questions help me to make connections with issues I experience in my own life. The Core questions also allow me to connect central underlying themes and ideas that are presented within each course. The views from the different disciplines are somewhat different; for example, history is different than English, but there are striking similarities that are evident within the issues that the Core questions talk about.  As a student at a Catholic university, the Core questions have helped me to understand myself and discover more about the meaning and purpose of my own life."  ~ Kelly W. [English, Class of 2011]

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