Clinical Affiliations

Our faculty members believe that nursing is grounded in practice. Because of this belief, client care experiences begin in the first nursing course in the second year of the four-year curriculum. Clinical experiences continue throughout the next three years.

Clinical experiences are varied to coincide with differing needs of patients as well as the responsibilities of a professional nurse. Throughout the program students have opportunities to assess patients, teach, collaborate with patients and health professionals as well as engage in leadership activities. All undergraduate clinical experiences are under the supervision of expert nurse faculty who are familiar with the type of patients they assign to students and are familiar with the hospital and its resources.

Students practice in community as well as tertiary or large comprehensive hospitals. They also have community healthcare experience where they work with groups of clients and with clients who require home care. There are planned experiences with people of all ages and health care problems ranging from healthy to ill children, those with mental illness, the elderly with chronic disease, patients who are terminally ill as well as those who are healthy and need to stay healthy.

The following is a sample of agencies used for clinical learning experiences offered to students during their three years in the nursing program.