Service to Community

Undeserved Populations
Faculty, staff, and students of the college participate in service activities that further the mission of the university and the college at local, regional, and national levels.This service will be intentional as part of community-based learning experiences for our students and as part of our roles as professionals for our faculty and staff.

Faculty Practice
Faculty practice
plans are established for the purpose of promoting instruction in contemporary practice, creating opportunities for clinical research, and offering faculty and student opportunities for community service within the academic units of the College of Health Professions. Faculty practice plans should serve to further the mission of the University.

College offerings for professional development will take place at different sites dependent upon need and demand. In-service programs will include both continuing education and cross-endorsement opportunities for educators and career ladder (RN – BSN and RN – MSN) opportunities in Nursing as well as programs for other professions represented in the college.