‌Nursing Leadership

3 credit course in Ireland*‌

Students in the First Professional Degree program attend a two-week intensive course at our Dingle, Ireland campus each May. Students will complete medical-surgical clinical hours in an Irish hospital participating in patient care alongside an Irish RN student and RN preceptor.

The course offers:

  • Nursing profession and leadership principles for healthcare of the individual, families, communities and global health
  • Exploration of complex issues related to cost-effective, safe, quality patient care
  • Analysis of inter-cultural communication, the nursing shortage, healthcare systems, and international issues
  • A comparative perspective of American and Irish healthcare systems along with complex issues of the Global South
  • Collaborative class session with 4th year Irish nursing students
  • Interdisciplinary project
  • Irish guest lecturers
  • Field experiences in Irish hospitals

Leisure activities include:

  • Cultural tour through Sleigh Head
  • Overnight trip to Killarney
  • Historical boat trip tour of the Blasket Islands and the Ring of Kerry

This program is administered through the University's Office of Global Affairs. 

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