Post-Baccalaureate Plan of Study

Ready to prepare for a Master’s in SLP? Start with the following prerequisites at Sacred Heart this summer! 

You can take any of the following undergraduate courses which serve as prerequisites for SHU’s program and many others. To register, please complete the Non-Matriculated Student Registration and Graduate Registration forms and submit them to Ariana Balayan by email at or fax at 203-365-4732 today! Seats are limited and permission of the department is required, so please register soon! We look forward to welcoming you to the Sacred Heart community!

June 2, July 9, 2014

  • Introduction to Communication Disorders (SLP 200/400)
  • Neurology of Speech, Language, and Swallowing (SLP 340/440)

July 10 - August 15, 2014

  • Phonetics (SLP 210/410)
  • Introduction to Clinical Methods in Communication Disorders (SLP350/450) 


What will I study?

We’ll cover the normal bases of speech, language, hearing and swallowing disorders. You’ll learn basic clinical methods and have the opportunity to observe practicing clinicians working with both child and adult clients with communication and swallowing disorders.

Basic Science Prerequisites
Course Course Prerequisite Subject Area Semester
e.g., BI 111 Biological Sciences 3
e.g., PY 100 Physical Sciences 3
e.g., MA 131 Statistics 3
e.g., PS 110, PS 252 Social/Behavioral Sciences 6

Post-Baccalaureate Plan of Study

Course Semester  Course Subject Area Semester Hours
SLP 200/400 F Introduction to Communication Disorders 3
SLP 210/410 F Phonetics 3
SLP 300/411 F Anatomy and Physiology of Speech and Swallowing 3
SLP 310/412 F Introduction to Audiology and Hearing Science 3
SLP 320/420 S Speech Science 3
SLP 330/430 S Development of Language 3
SLP 340/440 S Neurological Bases of Communication and Swallowing 3
SLP 350/450 S Introduction to Clinical Methods and Observation 3
ED 152/552 F, Sp, Su Education in the US 3
ED 205/569   F, Sp, Su Education of Students with Special Needs 3

Will I have internship opportunities?

Yes, you will obtain 25 hours of observation of clinicians with their clients.  Local observation sites will include:

  • Bridgeport Public Schools
  • Cooperative Educational Services
  • Kennedy Center for Developmental Disabilities
  • Bridgeport Hospital
  • Norwalk Hospital
  • Midstate Medical Center
  • St. Vincent Hospital, and many others.

These practicum experiences are offered through off-campus facilities and settings, which may require that the student complete a criminal background check, a drug screening and/or fingerprinting before beginning the practicum.  Visit our background check requirements page for details.

Are there special admission requirements?

Students wishing to enroll in post-baccalaureate courses offered on line must have earned a 4-year undergraduate degree with a GPA no less than 3.0, and must request permission of the Speech-Language Pathology Department to enroll.

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