Standard II: Faculty

Standard 2.0 Faculty

2.1 All faculty members, including all individuals providing clinical education, are qualified and competent by virtue of their education, experience, and professional credentials to provide academic and clinical education assigned by the program.

All current faculty are ASHA certified, except for Dr. Danzak, whose Ph.D. is in Communication Disorders, but who does not hold the CCC. All current full-time academic faculty are all doctorally prepared.

The Director of Clinical Education is a licensed, certified, experienced SLP:

Additional Clinical Educators to be hired as the Program develops will be licensed, certified, experienced SLPs.

  • A position has been posted for an additional clinical educator for Academic Year 2014-15 and we are actively recruiting for this position‌

2.2 The number of full-time doctoral-level faculty in speech-language pathology, audiology, and speech, language, and hearing sciences and other full- and part-time faculty is sufficient to meet the teaching, research, and service needs of the program and the expectations of the institution. The institution provides stable support and resources for the program's faculty.

The Five-year budget agreed to by the University provides for the gradual addition of faculty from the initial three academic and one clinical, to an ultimate total of 7-8 academic and 4 clinical, plus adjunct faculty as needed, not to exceed 20% of FTE. For the initial years of the program, only 25 students will be admitted per class. Once faculty size is adequate a larger class of 45 per year is planned.

This is detailed in the attached Five-Year Budget plan:

2.3 Faculty members maintain continuing competence.

SHU Faculty Handbook identifies professional growth as a faculty responsibility.

Department Policy also includes Professional Development opportunities in the form of a budget line item for faculty development that supports:

  1. conference attendance
  2. continuing education
  3. provision of on-site professional development opportunities, particularly relating to teaching and learning.