Mission & Program Goals


Our Mission is to provide students with engaging experiences that facilitate lifelong learning, enhance diverse perspectives, emphasize primary care and collaborative practice, and foster a spirit of service with a commitment to continuously improve the health of our communities.

To achieve our Mission, we are committed to the following core values:

Our program is dedicated to promoting critical thinking, evidence-based practice, integrity, and professionalism as hallmarks of the PA profession. We foster in our students a desire to contribute to the growth of medical knowledge and continuous advancement of PA practice, integrating quality improvement and patient safety, and to become leaders in our profession and communities.

Our program is committed to diversity and global awareness. We are dedicated to advocating inclusion, and to appreciate and embrace the diversity of the human community.

We value the dignity of those we teach, work with, and the communities we serve. We recognize that caring must be the foundation of our professional and personal interactions, and believe that each person deserves health, wellness, equity, and respect.

Program Goals

To work towards achieving our Mission, our Program Goals are to:

  • Prepare graduates to practice in Primary Care and other healthcare settings by providing them with the skills to promote health, wellness, and safety in their patients and communities as professional, caring providers of high quality medical care.

  • Educate highly qualified individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences who are committed to our mission.

  • Prepare graduates to work collaboratively as members of an interprofessional team, advocating a culture of teamwork, and fostering compassionate patient-centered care in a mutually respectful community.

  • Promote ethical and professional behavior in all interactions.

  • Equip graduates to be lifelong, self-directed learners who assess and improve patient care outcomes by utilizing current evidence based practice and information exchange systems.

  • Encourage students and graduates to make a contribution to the community, acknowledging and respecting social and cultural influences on population health outcomes, by providing opportunities and encouraging on-going participation in community service.

  • Support personal and professional growth of students, faculty, and staff by providing development and leadership opportunities.