Prerequisites & Undergraduate Major Selection

The following pre-physical therapy courses are required in addition to the undergraduate major requirements, regardless of the admissions option used or undergraduate major selected:
  • BI 111-112 Concepts in Biology I & II
  • BI 113-114 Concepts in Biology Laboratory I & II
  • BI 206-208/BI 207-209 Human Anatomy & Physiology I & II
  • BI 133-134 Human Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory I & II
  • CH 151-152 General Chemistry I & II
  • CH 153-154 General Chemistry Laboratory I & II
  • MA 131 Statistics for Decision Making
  • MA 140 Pre-calculus
  • PY 111-112 General Physics I & II
  • PY 113-114 General Physics Laboratory I & II
  • Psychology General Psychology, and one additional elective

Students may select any of the undergraduate majors available within the University as a foundation to graduate education in physical therapy. Regardless of the selected undergraduate major, all students will also need to complete the physical therapy prerequisites listed above. Prerequisite courses need to be a C or better in order to meet the requirement.

The PT department has developed model schedules for many undergraduate majors. Students will receive academic advisement in both their undergraduate major of choice as well as in physical therapy. If students prefer to complete their undergraduate study in the 3+3 format, the undergraduate major must be in the disciplines of Biology, Psychology, or Exercise Science. For more detail, see the 3 + 3 Option in Physical Therapy description.