Yvette Blanchard, SCD, PT

Yvette Blanchard, SCD, PT


Professional Interests

  • Neonatology
  • Early intervention
  • Infant development
  • Neurobehavioral functioning

Degrees and Certifications

    • ScD, Therapeutic Studies, Boston University
    • MS, Clinical Sciences, Université de Montréal
    • BS, Physical Therapy, Université de Montréal

    Specialty or Specialist Certification/Training 

    • PCS- APTA Board Pediatric Certified Specialist
    • Neonatal Behavioral Assessment Scale Trainer
    • Newborn Behavioral Observation System Trainer

Teaching Responsibilities


    • DPT 743 Grand Rounds (course instructor)
    • DPT 861 Capstone


    • DPT 622 Evaluation & Documentation II (LGD and 2 labs)
    • DPT 760 Capstone

Research Interests & Grants

    • Neonatal Physical Therapy Practice
    • Infant Neurobehavioral functioning
    • Infant Development
    • Cerebal Palsy

Honors, Awards & Fellowships

    • Fulbright Specialist

Publications and Presentations

    Blanchard, Y., & Oberg G. K. (In press).  Physical therapy with newborns:  Applying concepts of phenomenology and synactive theory to guide interventions.  Physiotherapy Theory and Practice.  DOI:  10.3109/09593985.2015.1010243.

    2015 - Blanchard, Y., Gannotti, M.E., & Romney, W. (2015).  Health-related fitness for children and adults with cerebal palsy.  Current comment written for and published by the American College of Sports Medicine.

    2014 - Blanchard, Y., & Oberg, G.K. (2014).  Tips for EI practice:  The role of relationships in early intervention practice.  APTA Section on Pediatrics-Early Intervention Special Interest Group Newsletter, Fall 2014.

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    2013 - Oberg, G.K., Blanchard, Y., Morten, A. (2013).  Therapeutic encounters with preterm infants:  interaction, posture and movement.  Physiotherapy Theory and Practice, 30 (1), 1-5.

    2013 - Blanchard, Y. (2013). Als (sic) well that ends well.  PT in Motion, 5 (10), 64

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    2011 - Blanchard, Y. (2011).  Getting to know you:  Key clinical concepts in relationship-building interventions and neurobehavioral observations with young infants.  NDTA Network, 18 (2), 1-23.

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    2008 - Nugent, J.K., Blanchard, Y., & Stewart, J.S. (2008).  Supporting parents of premature infants:  an infant-focused centered approach.  D. Brodsky & M.A. Quellette (Eds).  Primary Care of the Premature Infant.  Elsevier

    2008 - Blanchard, Y., Keefer, C.K., Tynan, K., & Nugent, J.K. (2008).  The Newborn Behavioral Observation (NBO):  Influencing provider confidence.  Ab Initio, Winter 2008, www.brazelton-institute.com/abinitio2008winter.

    2007 - Nugent, J.K., Keefer, C.H., Minear, S., Johnson, L., & Blanchard, Y. (2007).  Understanding newborn behavior & early relationships:  The Newborn Behavioral Observations (NBO) System Handbook.  Baltimore:  Brookes Publishers 

    2007 - Fishman, J., Vele-Tabaddor, E., Blanchard, Y., Keefer, C., Minear, S., Johnson, L., & Nugent, J.K. (2007).  The effect of the NBO on caregiver relationships. Ab Initio, Summer 2007, www.brazelton-institute.com/abinitio2007summer. 

    2007 - Blanchard, Y., McVeigh, R., Graham, M., Cadet, M., Mwilambwe, K., & Scott, C. (2007).  The effect of ambient lighting levels on postural sway in children (abstract).  Pediatric Physical Therapy, 19 (1), 85.

    2005 - Nugent, J.K., & Blanchard, Y. (2005).  Newborn behavior and development:  Implications for healthcare professionals.  To appear in:  K.M. Thies, & J.F. Travers (Eds).  The Handbook of Human Development for Health Care Professionals.  Sudbury, MA:  Jones & Bar

    2005 - Blanchard, Y., Carey, S., Coffey, J., Cohen, A., Harris, T., Michlik, S., & Pellechhia, G.L. (2005).  The influence of concurrent cognitive tasks on postural sway in children.  Pediatric Physical Therapy, 17, 189-193.

    2004 - Blanchard, Y., Neilan, E., Busanich, J., Garavuso, L., & Klimas, D. (2004).  Interrater reliability of early intervention providers scoring the Alberta Infant Motor Scale.  Pediatric Physical Therapy, 16, 13-18.

    2002 - Ratynski, N., Cioni, G., Franck, L., Blanchard, Y., & Sizun, J. (2002). L'observation du comportement du nouveau-ne:  une source pertinente d'informations medicales (The neonatal behavioral observation:  a pertinent source of medical information).  Archives


    2015 - Oberg, G.K., Normann, B., Blanchard, Y., Girolami, G.L. (2015).  Integrating embodiment concepts into clinical practice.  APTA  Combined Sections Meeting, Indianapolis, IN.

    2014 - Gannotti, M., Blanchard, Y., Blumberg, L., Larocco, D.  Health, wellness and the pursuit of happiness:  Common ground for adults with cerebal palsy and modern physcial therapists.  APTA  Combined Sections Meetings, Las Vegas, NV.

    2013 - Petersen, C., Blanchard, Y., Chevan, J., Garbalosa, J.C., Harris, M.H., McPoil, T.G., Svien, L.R. Global opportunities in physical therapy education.  ATPA Combined Sections Meeting, San Diego, CA.

    2012 - Oberg, G.K., Blanchard, Y., Obstfelder, A.  Interaction, motor learning and self:  Physical therapy in preterm infants.  Poster presented at "Knowledge through Interaction:  How Children Learn about Self, Others and Objects".  Heidelberg University, Germany.  March 2012

    2011 - Setting attainable goals in pediatric rehabilitation:  using the results of standardized measures.  Connecticut Physical Therapy Association Annual Conference.  Cromwell, CT .  October 2011

    2011 - Keynote Speaker. NDTA 2011 National Conference:  Building Blocks of Baby Treatment.  Getting to know you:  Key clinical concepts in relationship-based interventions and neurobehavioral observations with young infants.  Rye Brook, New York.  May 2011

    2011 - NICU Practice Guidelines.  APTA Combined Sections Meeting, New Orleans, LA, February 2011

    2010 - Understanding Newborn Behavior & Early Relationships - the Newborn Behavior Observation (NBO) system.  Strenthening parenting competency in parents of infants and toddlers at risk.  Tromso, Norway.

    2010 - How to use the NBO system with high-risk infants and their families.  Strengthening parenting competency in parents of infants and toddlers at risk.  Tromso, Norway.

    2010 - Key clinical concepts for the use of neurobehavioral observations in intervention with young infants.  Master class presented in the Masters in Clinical Neuroscience at Tromso University, Tromso, Norway.

    2010 - The key is relationship:  Using the Newborn Behavioral Observation (NBO) system as a clinical application in early intervention practice.  APTA Section on Pediatrics Annual Conference (SOPAC), Orlando, FL.

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