David A. Cameron, PT, PhD, OCS, ATC

David A. Cameron, PT, PHD, OCS, ATC

Clinical Associate Professor

Professional Interest:
  • Orthopedic physical therapy with special emphasis in manual therapy techniques combined with specific therapeutic exercise
  • Examination and treatment of individuals with lumbopelvic and cervical spine dysfunctions, lower extremity and shoulder problems

Primary Professional Service/Affiliation

  • Connecticut Physical Therapy Association
  • American Association of Clinical Anatomists

Degrees and Certifications

    • PHD, Pathokinesiology, 2007, New York University
    • MA, Sport Biomechanics, 1995, University of Connecticut
    • BS, Physical Therapy, 1983, University of Connecticut
    • BS, Physical Education, 1981, Central Connecticut State University

    Specialty or Specialist Certification/Training

    • Certified Specialist in Orthopedics, 1995, American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties
    • Certified Athletic Trainer, 1984, National Athletic Trainers Association
    • Member, American Association of Clinical Anatomists, 2011

Teaching Responsibilities

    Fall Semester:

    • PT 611 Structure and Function I (musculoskeletal system), Large Groups Discussion and Labs
    • Semester I Coordinator
    • Director of Human Anatomy Laboratory

    Spring Semester:

    • PT 714 Structure and Function IV
    • Examination and Documentation IV

Research Interests & Grants

    • Doctoral work investigated “Differences in Lower-Limb Stiffness During Jump Landing in Athletes With and Without Unilateral Chronic Ankle Sprain.”
    • Cadaveric dissection of sacroiliac joint and intervertebral discs within the cervical region. 
    • Management of patients with frozen shoulder syndrome.

Honors, Awards & Fellowships


    • Student-Athlete faculty Mentor Award, 2013, Sacred Heart University
    • Student-Athlete faculty Mentor Award, 2008, Sacred Heart University
    • Graduate Teacher of the Year Award, 2003, Sacred Heart University
    • Joseph Smey Outstanding Member Award, 1991, Connecticut Physical Therapy Association


    • Faculty Fellow, Collegium:  a Colloquy of Faith and Intellectual Live, 2013, University of Portland
    • Fifteen-year anniversary of service, Sacred Heart University, 2011
    • Inductee, Central Connecticut State University’s Alumni Athletic Hall of Fame, 2009

Publications and Presentations


    • Austin, GP, Slamet, M, Cameron, DA, & Austin, NM. (2004). "A Comparison of High-profile and Low-profile Dynamic Mobilization Splint Designs."  Journal of Hand Therapy, Vol 17(3), pp.334-343
    • Cameron, DM, Bohannon, RW, Garrett, GE., Owen, SV, & Cameron, DA. (2003). "Physical Impairments Related to Kinetic Energy During Sit-to-Stand and Curb-Climbing following Stroke."  Clinical Biomechanics (4):332-340


    • Cameron, D. "ACL Injury: Evaluation and Prevention." Life and Sport Analysis Clinic, Sacred Heart University, May 2015
    • Cameron, D. et al. "Movement System Impairment Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment of Hip Pain." Connecticut Physical Therapy Association’s Fall Conference Sept 2014.
    • Cameron, D. "Lower Extremity Muscles: From Injury to Performance." Life and Sport Analysis Clinic, Sacred Heart University, Mayarch 2014
    • Cameron, D. et al. "Update on the Physical Therapy Management of Patients with Adhesive Capsulitis." Connecticut Physical Therapy Association’s Fall Conference Oct 2013 
    • Cameron, D., Berkowitz, A., Matosian, C., McGuire, S, & Nugent, K.  "Examination, Evaluation, and Intervention of Individuals with Cervicogenic Dizziness."  Connecticut Physical Therapy Association’s Fall Conference Sept 2012
    • Cameron, D., DiFaio, Russo, W., Candelore, D., & Farrelly, P.  "Sacroiliac Joint and Pelvic Girdle Pain Disorders."  Connecticut Physical Therapy Association’s Fall Conference Sept 2011.
    • Cameron, Salis, N., Falanga, D., Catanzaro, D., & Atwood, K.  "Rehabilitation Strategies for Patients S/P Birmingham Hip Resurfacing."  Connecticut Physical Therapy Association’s Fall Conference Oct 2010.
    • Chui, K., Grimes, J., Cameron, DA., and Austin, G.  "Outcome Measures Are Important, Yet Underutilized By Physical Therapists."   Connecticut Physical Therapy Association’s Fall Conference Oct 2009
David A. Cameron

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