3 + 3 Physical Therapy Option

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PT Students

Speed Up Your Success

Learn the foundational skills you need. Gain the experience that allows you to put your knowledge into action. Prepare yourself for a successful career. Do it all, in less time.

Earn Your Degree in Physical Therapy Through the 3+3 Option

Qualified undergraduates can complete an undergraduate degree and a graduate degree in Physical Therapy within six years. 

You must choose an undergraduate major in Exercise Science, Psychology or Biology and work closely with your undergraduate advisor to follow a specific sequence of study.

Learn through a comprehensive curriculum.

The 3+3 program is designed to accelerate learning through a specific course of study. Sample schedules for each of the program’s undergraduate majors are available:

Students in the 3+3 program must complete some summer course work. With appropriate planning, some work may be completed at other universities offering equivalent courses.

Take the first step toward an exciting future. Apply for your B.S. in Physical Therapy and enter the 3+3 program today.